Kris Jenner Has Been Confused With AI And Compared To A Sim By Fans Calling Out The Dramatic Filter On Her Latest Instagram Video

Another day, another Instagram post that has made people question whether Kris Jenner is AI.

Over the years, every member of the KarJenner family has been accused of dramatically editing their social media posts on more than one occasion.

Kris Jenner and her daughters all blowing a kiss to the camera as they stand on the red carpet

This includes the family matriarch, Kris Jenner, who famously shared a heavily filtered picture of herself with celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay back in 2015.

A close-up of Kris smiling

As you’re probably aware, Gordon is somewhat renowned for his forehead wrinkles, so when his face looked suspiciously smooth while he was posing next to a similarly flawless Kris, it didn’t take long for the reality star to be accused of editing the photo.

The situation went from bad to worse for Kris when Gordon posted the original picture to his own social media page, which revealed both of their natural faces.

More recently, Kris deleted a birthday tribute to one of her grandchildren after she accidentally included an unedited photo of herself and Kim Kardashian in the carousel.

Then, in August of last year, Kris was literally confused with AI after she shared a video of herself that was so heavily filtered, her followers assumed that it wasn’t even real.

This theme continued on Kris’s 68th birthday in November, when her daughter Khloé Kardashian shared new photos of them together for a loving tribute post on Instagram.

Two of the images were immediately called out for the “insulting” editing, with fans pointing out a large dip in Khloé’s right arm — which is normally a telltale sign that a picture has been digitally manipulated.

Khloé and Kris also have unnaturally smooth skin and face shapes in the photos, which also sparked criticism, with specific attention being drawn to Kris’s neck.

A close-up of Kris smiling at a media event

And just two months later, Kris is back at it again, with shocked fans branding her latest commercial for Oreo a “jump scare.”

Kris holding an Oreo cookie

In the video, Kris is arranging the cookies in a jar, but viewers are more distracted by her cartoonlike skin and bold makeup look — which was compared to the online filters that can automatically add glam makeup to any video.

A close-up of Kris's hands with the Oreo cookie

Once again, the intense smoothing led to Kris being mistaken for AI, with one person asking on the Instagram post, “Is that AI or just a lot of filter?”

Screenshot of the comment

“What in the A.I is this. 👀👀👀” another echoed, to which a third user replied, “Nope, it's filter.”

Screenshot of the comments

Over on Reddit, somebody shared a screenshot from the video alongside the text, “The obvious bold glamour filter on a corporate ad 😭,” with another user theorizing, “At this point maybe she got an AI body double to run ads for her full time because this still doesn’t even look like a real person.”

Screenshot of the comment

“She looks like a Sim,” one more added. Somebody else admitted, “I thought this was an SNL skit 😭.” Another user wrote, “I just had a jump scare!”

Kris’s hair in the video also caught the attention of viewers, with the slightly spiked style reminiscent of her look when Keeping Up With the Kardashians premiered back in 2007.

Close-up of Kris's hair

“Hair is definitely giving season 1 Kris 😍,” one fan commented. Somebody else agreed: “the hair actually IS it season 1 kris was so iconic kris keep it someone tell her to keep it.”

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