Jimmy Kimmel Is Being Called Out After He “Unlocked” A “New Insecurity” For Olivia Rodrigo By Pointing Out A Minor Flaw And Saying She’s “Not Perfect After All” During A Live TV Interview

Many of 20-year-old Olivia’s songs detail how insecure she is with her physical appearance and the impact that it has on her mental health.

Olivia Rodrigo has only been in the music scene for two years, and in that time she has made it pretty clear that she has a lot of insecurities.

Close-up of Olivia at a media event in a sparkly sleeveless outfit

The star, now 20, first found fame as a child actor on Disney at 13 years old, and her debut single, “Driver’s License,” was released to huge acclaim just one month before her 18th birthday.

Close-up of Olivia performing

And despite her overwhelming success, Olivia was sure to let fans know that she is just a regular teenage girl when she released her debut album, Sour — the very first line of its opening song, “Brutal,” is, “I’m so insecure I think that I’ll die before I drink.”

Close-up of Olivia onstage sitting at a piano

She explores this idea even more explicitly in the track “Jealousy, Jealousy,” where she admits that she is deeply affected by images of “girls too good to be true” on the internet, and compares her own appearance with their “paper-white teeth and perfect bodies.”

Screenshot of the lyrics

“Comparison is killing me slowly,” she sings in the chorus. “I'm so sick of myself / I’d rather be, rather be / Anyone, anyone else / My jealousy, jealousy started following me.”

Close-up of Olivia at a media event

Olivia was still facing the same battles on her sophomore album, Guts, which opens with the track “All-American Bitch,” which is about the pressure of trying to be perceived as a perfect young woman.

Close-up of Olivia onstage singing and playing guitar

Then there is the song “Lacy,” in which Olivia repeatedly compares herself with another woman who she appears to be equally obsessed with and envious of. However, it is “Pretty Isn’t Pretty” that really drives home the extent of the star’s insecurities.

Screenshot of the lyrics: "Lacy, oh, Lacy, I just loathe you lately / And I despise my jealous eyes and how hard they fell for you / Yeah, I despise my rotten mind and how much it worships you"

“Bought a bunch of makeup / Tryna' cover up my face / I started to skip lunch / Stopped eatin' cake on birthdays,” she sings in the song. “’Cause there's always something missing / There's always something in the mirror that I think looks wrong.”

Screenshot of the lyrics

Olivia goes on to say that no matter how much she tries to fix the things that she isn’t happy with, she still feels “so insecure.”

Screenshot of the lyrics: "You can win the battle / But you'll never win the war / Fix the things you hated / And you'd still feel so insecure"

So with all that in mind, many were left disappointed by comments made by Jimmy Kimmel when Olivia appeared as a guest on his show earlier this week.

Close-up of Olivia and Jimmy holding up "Guts" rings

During the interview, the host held up the album artwork for Guts, with the back image a close-up photo of Olivia’s open mouth. Pointing to one of her teeth, Jimmy said, “You’ve got your mouth and a little chip of your tooth there also.”

Close-up of Olivia with Jimmy on the show as he holds up the album artwork

The camera zoomed in on the barely noticeable chip as Olivia exclaimed, “Oh man!”

Close-up of Olivia smiling on the talk show

“You’re not perfect after all!” Jimmy then taunted before asking Olivia how she got the chip.

Close-up of Olivia laughing on the talk show and looking at Jimmy

And Olivia was noticeably perplexed as she answered, “Y’know, Jimmy, I actually wasn’t aware that I had a chip in my tooth until this very moment. So new insecurity unlocked, thanks so much!”

Close-up of Olivia and Jimmy smiling at each other

She went on to awkwardly laugh as Jimmy made another comment about her needing “to have a dentist on set any time” she shoots something, going forward.

Close-up of Olivia and Jimmy hugging and smiling

While Olivia was able to brush off Jimmy’s comment in the moment, people who have watched the clip online have been less forgiving of the TV veteran as they questioned why he was even pointing out a 20-year-old woman’s flaws on live TV in the first place.

Close-up of Olivia onstage performing

Posting the video to X, formerly known as Twitter, one person wrote, “‘Not so perfect after all’ why would he say that???? omg.”

@nothnghppens / ABC / Via Twitter: @nothnghppens

It was quickly pointed out that making this comment to Olivia specifically doesn’t even make sense, considering her repeated acknowledgment that she actually isn’t perfect.

One person wrote, “He rlly did not listen to the album because imagine listening to pretty isn’t pretty and then thinking oh I know exactly what to say to this young woman on live tv …… wtf.”

@clx1re / ABC / @nothnghppens / Via Twitter: @clx1re

“see that doesn’t even make sense as a joke cause at least two of the songs are about her not being perfect???” another user echoed.

@seabear101 / ABC / @nothnghppens / Via Twitter: @seabear101

Some came to Jimmy’s defense as they theorized that he was actually referencing Olivia’s satirical song “All-American Bitch,” where she sarcastically sings, “I'm a perfect all-American bitch / With perfect all-American lips / And perfect all-American hips.”

Olivia sitting and singing against a leafy background

Even so, the vast majority agreed that Jimmy was still out of line to comment on any young woman’s appearance in this way.

Close-up of Olivia smiling at a media event

Retweeting the original clip, one person claimed, “what a weird thing to say to a young woman… its def gonna be one of her insecurities now.”

@allurequinn / ABC / @nothnghppens / Via Twitter: @allurequinn

“talk show hosts be normal to female artists challenge,” someone else responded. Another wrote, “Mind you he’s 55 & she’s 20. Talking about some damn ‘you’re not perfect after all’ what obsession do you have with humbling her bro.”

@arakkisuperstar / ABC / @nothnghppens / Via Twitter: @arakkisuperstar

@T_llulah / ABC / @nothnghppens / Via Twitter: @T_llulah

“god thats so disgusting why do men have the audacity. shes literally a young girl and ur pointing things out that dont make her ‘perfect’ …,” one more said.

@good4crawf / ABC / @nothnghppens / Via Twitter: @good4crawf

Neither Olivia nor Jimmy has acknowledged this public response, and BuzzFeed has contacted Jimmy’s rep for comment.

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