Brooke Schofield Has Revealed The Uncomfortable Truth Behind Matt Rife’s Now-Infamous Appearance On Her Podcast

One of Brooke’s bombshells includes Matt saying that he was “disgusted” by her type of vulva during a seriously controversial podcast appearance earlier this year.

Last month, Matt Rife found himself under scrutiny following the release of his Netflix special, Natural Selection.

Closeup of Matt Rife onstage

Amid the backlash, old clips of Matt resurfaced online — including the awkward moment that he grabbed Zendaya’s face without her consent when filming MTV show Wild ’N Out.

Screenshot from "Wild 'N Out"

And in this week’s episode of their pod, Tana and her cohost Brooke Schofield have shed some new light on the awkward context surrounding Matt’s appearance on their show as Brooke opened up for the first time about her troubling personal experience with Matt.

Brooke Schofield and Tana Mongeau

Brooke said she flew across the country to spend time with Matt and support him at his shows, but when he came to her home city of Los Angeles, he wouldn’t commit to meeting up — even though he was staying next door to her.

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She explained that she was “proud” of herself for being honest with him, and said this triggered a conversation where he apologized to her but went on to say that he didn’t “have time for a relationship.”

Closeup of Matt Rife standing outside

The next time that Brooke saw Matt was when he appeared on her and Tana’s podcast in June, and she admitted that she was left pretty put out when he treated her like a stranger during the recording.

Matt Rife on "Cancelled with Tana Mongeau"

But soon after this was recorded, Brooke saw a TikTok video from a woman who claimed she was dating Matt at the start of the year. Brooke immediately realized that this timeline was suspicious, and when she messaged the user to ask for more information, she was added to a group chat with around seven other women.

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In fact, Brooke claimed that the comic even told her that he didn’t want her hanging out with any other men, including her friends, as they planned to “run away” to DC together.

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Brooke said that she reached out to Matt last week to make sure that she had her “facts straight,” saying: “I was like: ‘How embarrassing is it that I'm literally currently getting dragged for defending you while also in a group chat with, like, seven other girlfriends you have? Like, what the fuck.’”

Screenshot from "Cancelled with Tana Mongeau"

At this point, Tana brought up Matt’s controversial appearance on the Stiff Socks podcast earlier this year.

Closeup of Matt Rife on the red carpet

Brooke recalled: “He goes on to say that he is disgusted by ‘outie’ vaginas, like, girls who have ‘outie’ vaginas, because ‘it looks like God left the tag on them.’ Now, I’m going to give you guys the Cancelled exclusive here, but I, Brooke Schofield, have an ‘outie’ vagina, OK?”

Closeup of Brooke Schofield

Reflecting on the impact that Matt’s comment had on her, she added: “I’ve never thought about that, I watched the episode, and all of a sudden I was like: ‘First of all, I need a boob job, second of all…'”

Closeup of Brooke Schofield

Brooke’s claims come soon after Matt was called out for starting “beef” with a 6-year-old boy on social media.

Closeup of Matt Rife

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