People Have Secondhand Embarrassment Over Bradley Cooper’s “Unhinged” Comments To Leonard Bernstein’s Children

Bradley’s emotional display is being compared to a Saturday Night Live skit because it is so “unhinged.”

When Bradley Cooper’s movie Maestro was released last year, it immediately became clear that it had been a bit of a passion project for the star.

Bradley smiling at a media event n a suit and tie

In case you didn’t know, the film is about iconic composer and conductor Leonard Bernstein’s life and career, with Cooper taking on the lead role while also directing the biopic.

Leonard Bernstein conducting with arms raised, in casual attire, with filming equipment in the foreground

As he promoted Maestro, Cooper revealed that he had spent six years preparing for the role — namely learning how to conduct just over six minutes of music in the style of Bernstein.

Bradley Cooper as Leonard Bernstein conducting in Maestro

This was for one of the most crucial scenes in the film, which Cooper was determined to perform live on set despite being “absolutely terrified” of not being able to do the conductor justice.

Bradley Cooper at an event in a double-breasted navy suit, smiling

But Cooper’s efforts undeniably paid off, and the star was widely praised by Bernstein’s children, who admitted to being left completely awestruck when they first saw the Hollywood actor as their father.

Bradley Cooper and Carey Mulligan with Leonard Bernstein's three children

“It took our breath away, it made us gasp,” Jamie Bernstein previously told Variety. "We literally opened our doors to Bradley and his team."

Leonard Bernstein at the piano with his children Jamie and Alexander and his wife, Felicia

And the relationship that Jamie and her siblings forged with Cooper during Maestro’s production has proved to be long lasting.

Bradley and Carey smiling with Bernstein's two children

In fact, back in November, Cooper revealed that he would be spending Thanksgiving with the Bernstein children, explaining on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, “We are going to go to Jersey and then we're going to go to Fairfield, Connecticut, to spend it with the Bernsteins.”

Bradley Cooper in a suit smiling against a leafy backdrop

The following month, Cooper sat down with Jamie, Nina, and Alexander Bernstein for an interview with CBS that highlighted just how integrated he had become with the family.

The four sitting on a couch

And a clip from this interview recently resurfaced online due to Cooper’s “unhinged” comments about the siblings’ father, who died in 1990.

Close-up of Leonard Bernstein in a turtleneck and jacket, expressing thoughtfulness

Despite never having met Bernstein before playing him in Maestro, Cooper became incredibly emotional and even broke down in tears as he reflected on how much he misses him.

Bradley Cooper with short hair and stubble, wearing a sweater, rests chin on hand, looking thoughtful

During the interview, Nina referred to her father as she asked the actor, “Do you miss him?” to which he replied, “Oh yeah, man.”

Close-up of Bradley Cooper with a stubble beard and a navy blue sweater, looking down

“It’s hard to talk about,” Cooper explained, noticeably fighting back tears. “I don’t know — we, the four of us, shared something very special; it’s hard to even articulate.”

Bradley gesturing and the three siblings looking at him

Cooper then started to cry as he added, “He was with me, certainly, throughout the entire time. His energy has somehow found its way to me, and I really do feel like I know him.”

Bradley Cooper with tears in his eyes

Suffice to say, people have been left with “secondhand embarrassment” after watching Cooper’s emotional display — especially in the presence of Bernstein’s bereaved children.


Bradley Cooper gets choked up over Leonard Bernstein

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CBS / Via

Reacting to the clip on a Reddit forum, one person wrote, “I hate to use the word but this is so fucking cringy. Like please have some self-awareness I’m begging you.”

Bradley Cooper fighting back tears

Both Cooper’s acting and directing efforts in Maestro have been recognized throughout awards season this year, with the star racking up nominations in both categories but so far failing to take home a prize.

Bradley Cooper in a tuxedo on a red carpet smiling

The final major awards ceremony this year is the Oscars on March 10, where Cooper is nominated for Best Actor, Best Picture, and Best Original Screenplay.

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