People Are Feeling So Bad For Bradley Cooper After Rob Lowe Accidentally Texted Him Congratulations For Winning A Golden Globe As His Reaction To Losing Went Viral

Earlier this month, Bradley’s visibly heartbroken reaction to losing out on a Golden Globe went viral — and Rob managed to inadvertently pour salt in the wound.

While promoting his latest movie Maestro last year, Bradley Cooper revealed that he had spent six years learning how to conduct just over six minutes of music in the style of Leonard Bernstein, the iconic conductor that he plays in the movie, for the role.

A closeup of Bradley in a suit and tie on the red carpet

However, none of these nominations have led to an award thus far, with Paul Giamatti’s performance in The Holdovers beating Bradley in the Best Actor category at the Critics’ Choice Awards on Sunday night.

Bradley as Leonard conducting the orchestra

Prior to that, Bradley lost out on this year’s Golden Globe for Best Performance by a Male Actor in a Drama Motion Picture — and his reaction to the loss did not go unnoticed by viewers.

This year also marked the ninth time that Bradley has been nominated for a Golden Globe in the last 11 years, and he hasn’t won any of them.

Bradley smiling on the red carpet

So, it’s fair to assume that the Golden Globes might be a bit of a sore point for the Hollywood star, and Rob Lowe has now revealed that he unintentionally poured salt into Bradley's wound following a text message blunder after the ceremony.

A closeup of Rob Lowe

During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live earlier this week, Rob shared his joy at his former classmate Robert Downey Jr. winning the Best Supporting Actor Golden Globe for his performance in Oppenheimer.

Rob and Robert sitting next to each other at an event

Detailing his epic mistake, Rob continued: “Downey does this amazing acceptance speech at the Golden Globes, and I’m so excited for him. So I texted him: ‘So glad you won, that is the most beautiful acceptance speech I have heard in a long time. Boy, you deserve it.’ I hit it and I realize… Oh shit, I just sent that to Bradley Cooper… Who did not win.”

“Does he think you’re just crazy?!” Jimmy asked, with Rob sharing Bradley’s seriously good natured response.

“He literally said: ‘No, no, no, it’s fine, I like living vicariously through the mistakes,’” Rob explained, with Bradley seemingly more than happy to pretend, even for a moment, that he had actually won the award and that Rob's messages were intended for him.

But while Bradley might have been able to brush off Rob's errors like a pro, many couldn’t help but feel sorry for him.

While Bradley didn’t win the Golden Globe or Critics’ Choice award this month, he still has a chance at taking home a SAG award, BAFTA, and possibly an Oscar for his Maestro performance.

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