This Video Of Dua Lipa Being Accidentally Snubbed By Billie Eilish Is Making People “Physically Cringe”

Sharing their empathy for Dua, one person tweeted: “This is gonna be the moment that she remembers when she puts her head on the pillow.”

One of the best things about awards season is definitely the fact that we are able to see all of our favorite celebrities hanging out with each other at the ceremonies.

Pedro Pascal and Meryl Streep smiling for a photo

While some of the events, such as the Grammys, are limited to celebs from just one industry, others give us the rare opportunity to see TV actors, movie stars, and musicians all under the same roof.

Emily Blunt and John Krasinski talking to Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez, and Matt Damon

Understandably, this combination of famous faces is always guaranteed entertainment, and this year has already given us some pretty iconic moments — like Selena Gomez rushing over for a gossip with Taylor Swift, and Brie Larson being left completely starstruck by Jennifer Lopez on the red carpet.

And after Sunday night’s Critics’ Choice awards, another celebrity moment is causing a stir online after an eagle-eyed viewer honed in on a seriously awkward interaction between Dua Lipa and Billie Eilish.

closeup of the two at an awards show

Both stars were nominated in the Best Original Song category for their respective work on Barbie, and were seated at the same table for the swanky show.

Dua Lipa and Billie Eilish smiling together

During a brief moment of downtime, both Dua and Billie were standing up and mingling with the other guests when Dua spotted a camera and seemingly attempted to pose with Billie.

In the clip, the star flicks her long hair over her shoulder and, while maintaining eye contact with the camera, turns around with the apparent intention of being back-to-back with Billie. Unfortunately, Billie had looked away right before Dua started posing, and doesn’t appear to notice what she is trying to do.

Instead, she moves her back away from Dua, which prompts the Albanian singer to hastily straighten up and awkwardly laugh to herself. In a bid to try and brush off the cringeworthy moment, she then casually picks up something to eat from the table while Billie sits down, still unaware that she had just snubbed her peer on camera.

Needless to say, the whole thing has caused quite a stir online with many taking to X — formerly known as Twitter — to admit that they were struggling to cope with their “second hand embarrassment” for Dua.

The CW / Critics' Choice Awards / Via Twitter: @physdua

“Can u delete this i am suffering second hand embarrassment,” one person tweeted, with another echoing: “The secondhand embarrassment is so strong with this.”

The CW / Critics' Choice Awards / Via Twitter: @pauliebleek3r

The CW / Critics' Choice Awards / Via Twitter: @runfastforfatm

“This is like someone ignoring your high-five but only a thousand times worse,” somebody else wrote. One more added: “Not to be dramatic but i would hide myself under the table till the entire ceremony is over.”

The CW / Critics' Choice Awards / Via Twitter: @bloomthisway

The CW / Critics' Choice Awards / Via Twitter: @TheLuckyMia

“This is gonna be the moment that she remember when she put her head in the pillow,” another sympathized.

The CW / Critics' Choice Awards / Via Twitter: @wwinchesterdean

Some related to the way that Dua tried to distract from the awkwardness, with one viewer admitting: “Her rushing to eat something to get over the embarrassment is so me coded.”

The CW / Critics' Choice Awards / Via Twitter: @lucidoutcome

“The way Dua grabbed some food to hide her embarrassment 😭😭” another wrote as they shared the video.

The CW / Critics' Choice Awards / Via Twitter: @repnostalgia

And others just discovered newfound gratitude for the fact that they aren’t famous, and their embarrassing moments can remain private. One tweet reads: “I’d hate being a celebrity cause imagine all your embarrassing moments being documented on the internet like this…”

The CW / Critics' Choice Awards / Via Twitter: @sw1ftianity

“Another reason i couldn't be famous...embarrassing moments caught on camera, viewed by thousands, and exists on the internet forever,” another echoed.

The CW / Critics' Choice Awards / Via Twitter: @nu9ulover

While somebody else summed the whole situation up by simply writing: “Holy fuck this made me physically cringe.”

Via Twitter: @_virtual_boy

Thankfully for Dua, she was eventually able to get her photo with Billie, and neither her or Billie have acknowledged the attention surrounding this awkward moment — but we will be sure to let you know if they do!

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