Our Swan Song Has Come — Twitter Has Set A Date To End Legacy Verification

Alexa, play Green Day’s “Good Riddance (Time of Your Life).”

The gold checkmark on Twitter Verified account on Twitter.

Twitter has officially announced that it will be removing all legacy verifications starting April 1, requiring all public figures and celebrities to subscribe to Twitter Blue in order to keep their blue checks.

The Twitter Verified account tweeted the announcement on Thursday and shared an application link for businesses and government organizations, which will be charged $1,000 per month in order to maintain their verified status, rather than the $8 per month that Twitter Blue costs for individuals.

It’s unclear if there will be exceptions to the rule. “Any individual person’s Twitter account affiliated with a verified organization is automatically verified,” Elon Musk tweeted on Friday. Twitter did not immediately respond when BuzzFeed News reached out for clarification of this tweet.

LOL. $1,000 a month to be a verified organization? In this economy? https://t.co/kCBAV13xLd

Twitter: @rgay

While many have wondered how they will separate misinformation from truth on the app now, some users, both currently legacy verified and otherwise, have used the moment to celebrate the end of an era.

Twitter: @giangyhai

at least the #real will remember when I was verified! https://t.co/8dAqRGUCfQ

Twitter: @keyon

“I’d rather pay my own father to rail me than pay for your dumb ass check mark,” YouTuber Matt(Blarg) tweeted. “I, too, would rather pay Matt’s father to rail me than etc etc,” writer Rob Tannenbaum replied.

ending legacy verified twitter accounts on April 1st might be the first intentionally funny thing Elon has ever done

Twitter: @IwriteOK

If you’re a creator who’s contributed the free content that has helped Twitter become the platform it is (was) and now stand to lose your verification unless you pay up, I strongly encourage you to drop this app like third period French.

Twitter: @georgehahn

Others expressed relief at their verifications being revoked, mocking Twitter Blue. “Thank you for doing this,” comedian Mike Drucker responded to the announcement. “Some users on Twitter were starting to confuse me for the type of person who’d pay $8 a month to feel special. It was embarrassing.”

honestly being verified on twitter is already embarrassing enough https://t.co/ScAzbewJ0C

Twitter: @morgan_sung

I saw a verified account with 13 followers 😭😭😭😭

Twitter: @ARG_Mara

You're going to make it cool to not be verified. This is going to be hilarious https://t.co/LfkbVqJh73

Twitter: @Karnythia

And some have wondered if the start date, April 1, is a prank or stunt on Musk’s end. “Hope this a fun April Fool’s joke bc I’m not payin!” one verified user said.

Twitter is going to get rid of verification on April Fools Day. I am sure that will not cause any problems! https://t.co/H0bkYgrQRG

Twitter: @maxberger

The end of legacy verification is the latest installment in a series of controversial decisions by Musk, who has sparked backlash since assuming leadership of the platform. The launch of Twitter Blue on Nov. 5, 2022, was paused after some users used the subscription to make parody meme accounts of public figures, like tweeting in the persona of former president George W. Bush and saying “I miss killing Iraqis.” Another person posed as pharmeceutical company Eli Lilly and tweeted out that "insulin is free now," after which the company's stock dropped dramatically. Several months later, the company announced it would place a cap on insulin prices, a decision which some people attributed in part to the aftermath of the prank.

Days after its release, Musk chose to pause the launch of Twitter Blue, before reintroducing it in December.

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