Alex Morgan Mimicked Sipping Tea After Scoring Against England In The World Cup And It Instantly Became A Meme

"Alex Morgan at the Boston Tea Party, 1773. Oil on canvas."

The US women’s national soccer team is going to the World Cup final again after beating England 2–1 in the semifinals Tuesday.

The game-winning goal came in the 31st minute when forward Alex Morgan headed the ball into the net, scoring her sixth goal of the tournament.

Morgan then ran to the sideline and stopped to sip an imaginary cup of tea.

#USWNT star Alex Morgan celebrates her goal against England by sipping on an imaginary cup of tea to mock the English. Rivalry born. #ENG 1-2 #USA #FIFAWWC #ENGUSA

Morgan's goal celebration instantly became a meme and set off a slew of other American Revolution references as the USWNT knocked the Lionesses out of the tournament just two days before Independence Day.

Alex Morgan at the Boston Tea Party, 1773. Oil on canvas.

Been owning England since 1776 #USA🇺🇸

Alex Morgan drinking her English tea. #USWMNT #USA #WorldCup

“no taxation without representation” -alex morgan, 1775

Some jokingly declared Morgan, who also celebrated her 30th birthday Tuesday, the new Queen of England.

Our @HuffPostUK edition lost a bet... and now they're running our headline QUEEN OF ENGLAND

I mean, the USWNT is pretty stacked, amirite?

It’s crazy that the Queen of England and the President of the United States both play for the #USWNT.

After the game, Morgan told reporters that her teammate and fellow forward Megan Rapinoe, whose goal celebration in last week's quarterfinal game also became a meme, has so many good celebrations and that she wanted to "keep it interesting."

She later elaborated on Twitter.

This team is special. Thanks for the bday love. Thanks for the rocking stadium. Thanks for continuing to believe with us. And that’s the tea.

The US will play the winner of Wednesday's semifinal between the Netherlands and Sweden in the World Cup final on July 7.

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