Hundreds Marched Through Kenosha To Protest The Police Shooting Of Jacob Blake

Protesters took to the streets for a second night after police shot Blake, a Black man, several times as he walked to his car.

Hundreds of protesters took the streets for a second night on Monday in Kenosha, Wisconsin, demanding justice for a Black man who was shot from behind by police as he walked to his car.

Jacob Blake, 29, was shot in the back seven times as he got into his car with three of his children inside Sunday evening, according to his family and their attorney. Blake was in stable condition Monday after surgery, his family said.

Video of the shooting shared on social media showed Blake walking away from several officers before an officer grabs his shirt and then shoots him several times from behind as Blake opens the car door.

In response to civil unrest overnight in which police teargassed protesters, garbage trucks were burned, and businesses were damaged, Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers deployed the National Guard to Kenosha.

Demonstrators marched through the city followed by dozens of cars, chanting "no justice, no peace," and shouting Blake's name.

The scene currently in #Kenosha. Hundreds are marching in response to Kenosha police shooting and wounding 29-year-old Jacob Blake yesterday.

As an 8 p.m. countywide curfew neared, hundreds remained gathered outside the Kenosha County Courthouse, where a line of sheriff's deputies carrying shields surrounded the entrance.

Local reporters on the scene said protesters hurled water bottles at the deputies as officials told the crowd to disperse. Nearby a small group of violinists played their instruments.

After curfew passed, authorities began deploying tear gas at the protesters at around 8:30 p.m.

Video from the scene shows the gas filling the street as protesters blast music in the background.

Protesters responded by shooting fireworks toward police as they fired more rounds of tear gas.

#kenosha As protesters set off fireworks, police fire more tear gas.

Video and photos show a truck parked in front of the courthouse on fire, and law enforcement guarding the courthouse fired tear gas at protesters who came too close to the building.

Kenosha right now. This is in front of the courthouse. We are blocks away.

Hours after curfew, protesters remained scattered outside the courthouse with many holding up in Civic Center Park across the street, footage shows. Some stood with their hands raised above their heads, while others kneeled together holding umbrellas in front of their bodies to form a wall.

As the standoff stretched into the night, the scene was mostly quiet except for the loud ring of an acoustic hailing device and intermittent explosions from police firing flash-bang grenades and other projectiles at the crowd.

Photos show several buildings being burned later in the night, destroying several storefronts. Firefighters contained the blaze before it spread to other buildings on the block, Fox 6 reported.

In response to Blake's shooting, protesters also took to the streets in New York City, Washington, DC, and Minneapolis, where George Floyd was killed by police in May.

Jacob Blake you Matter to DC ... We are with you...Keep fighting ✊🏽#BlackLivesMatter #JusticeForJacob #DCProtest

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