Apparently The West Wing Has A Fly Problem And Twitter Made The Most Fun Out Of It

There were a lot of ways to go with this anecdote.

This is Reince Priebus, the former White House Chief of Staff.

Tucked into a Washington Post article about the change was a short anecdote about Priebus' time as chief of staff.

Here is the fly anecdote WaPo tucked in.

The Post reported that during an Oval Office meeting, the president charged Priebus with killing the fly that was buzzing above them.

"The West Wing has a regular fly problem," the Post wrote.

The anecdote appeared to be included to show how Trump demeaned Priebus, and as you can imagine, people had a little fun on Twitter imagining the scenario.

Some people had questions, like, when exactly did the West Wing begin having the reported fly problem?

@AshleyRParker Has the West Wing *always* had a fly problem?

@kylegriffin1 Did the West Wing have a fly problem before January 20, 2017?

(Trump was inaugurated on Friday, January 20.)

There were a lot of possibilities with this anecdote. Twitter tried a lot of them out, including the possible literary references.

"The West Wing has a regular fly problem." Either because this administration is so full of shit, or Trump is the…

@kylegriffin1 West Wing has a fly problem because its ran by the Lord of Flies😂

Others went the old "fly on the wall" route.

@AshleyRParker The fly had been on the wall and heard too much.

@AshleyRParker @Fahrenthold Just attempting to stop all the leaking from the flies on the wall I suppose.

Trump's White House has emphasized repeatedly its desire to get rid of leaks in the administration.

Others wondered what the flies could mean.

@Samfr @JWGOP Do we want to overlook that the West Wing has a fly problem - doesn't that signify the presence of ev…

Including whether they had something to do with the devil?

@SethAbramson Isn't one of Satan's telltale signs that he's accompanied by flies? West Wing fly problem? Hmmm...

But what a lot of people made the most of was the *metaphor*.

@AshleyRParker @aravosis Whoa, this seems like, metaphorical and stuff.


@kylegriffin1 Of course the West Wing has a fly problem, it's full of shit.

@jagdesh "The West Wing has a regular fly problem." Must be from all the bullshit.

"It makes sense" people reasoned.

@AshleyRParker Flies are attracted to shit so it makes sense the West Wing has a fly problem

One person summed up the jokes that could be made with just two words:

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