Here’s How Taylor Swift Subtly Reacted To Travis And Jason Kelce Hilariously Discussing Jason’s Viral Shirtless Moment

“The Kelces weren’t meeting Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift was meeting The Kelces,” one person commented.

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By now, if you’re a fan of Taylor Swift and/or Travis Kelce, you’ve probably seen all the buzz around Sunday night’s football game.

Close-up of Travis and Taylor holding hands

Long story short, Travis’s brother, Jason Kelce, and his wife, Kylie Kelce, met Taylor for the first time at last weekend’s Kansas City Chiefs game — and it’s safe to say that Jason made a lasting impression.

Close-up of Taylor and others in the VIP box cheering

Jason plays for the Philadelphia Eagles, who were recently knocked out of the playoffs — meaning that Sunday was the first time in two years that he and Kylie managed to attend one of Travis’s games, which Taylor has regularly been attending since they got together.

Close-up of Jason in his NFL uniform
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At one point, when Travis scored a touchdown, Jason ripped off his shirt, jumped out of the suite that he was watching the game in, and screamed in excitement.

Jason bare-chested with others in the suite

Needless to say, several videos of Jason quickly went viral across social media and — of course — became a meme.

Swifties when Taylor announces rep tv:

— The Eras Tour (@tswifterastour) January 22, 2024
ESPN / Twitter: @tswifterastour

Meanwhile, Taylor’s reaction to the entire thing was also captured on camera, with the singer filmed holding her hands over her mouth in apparent shock as she watched on from the suite.

yes queen that’s your future brother in law

— Val • (@karmaszone) January 22, 2024
Twitter: @karmaszone

Travis and Jason ended up discussing the viral moment this week on their New Heights podcast, where Jason described it as “one of the most fun experiences” he’s ever had.

Close-up of Jason and Travis smiling and wearing sweatshirts and caps

“It was incredible. Honestly, one of the most fun experiences I've ever had, from start to finish,” he said.

Screenshots of Jason and Travis on the podcast, wearing headphones

Jason went on to say, “I can't even remember what happened to the shirt, if I'm being honest with you. ... I wanted to take my shirt off at the tailgate, and because we kind of got pushed back on the tailgate front, I didn't get to have my shirt off out there. And then, when I entered the box, I noticed, Hey, I could jump out of this box and I'll be outside.

Screenshots of Jason and Travis on the podcast, wearing headphones

Jason noted that Kylie warned him not to take his shirt off and jump out of the box, namely because it was the first time they were meeting Taylor.

Close-up of Jason and Kylie embracing and smiling at a media event

“[Kylie] was already telling me to be on my best behavior ’cause we were meeting Taylor,” Jason said. “I was like, ‘Kylie, the first day I met you, I was blacked-out drunk and fell asleep at the bar. This is part of the charm. This is part of the Jason Kelce charm. I wanna make my best first impression. This is my best chance.’”

Screenshots of Jason giving a thumbs-up at a media event

Travis then told Jason, “Tay said she absolutely loved you.”

Close-up of Taylor in a shiny spaghetti-strap outfit at a media event

Well, while Taylor herself hasn’t commented on the iconic moment, she subtly acknowledged it on social media this week.

Close-up of Taylor in a furry coat

Taking to Instagram, Taylor quietly “liked” a video from Travis and Jason’s podcast — and eagle-eyed fans noticed in no time.

"Taylor liking this is hilarious" and a notification that Taylor liked the post

“NOT TAYLOR LIKING THSI,” read one comment with over 4,000 likes. “Taylor liking this is hilarious,” someone else wrote.

Screenshot of comments

“The Kelce's weren’t meeting Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift was meeting The Kelce's,” one person wrote, while another said, “I find it chivalrous... Take the spotlight off TS for a hot minute. Let the women laugh and enjoy the show.”

Jason,  Taylor, and others reacting in the VIP suite
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