Travis Kelce Shared His Honest Thoughts About His Viral Old Tweets And Admitted He Tried To Get Them Deleted

“I was just using Twitter as a diary. I’m just out here saying nonsense,” Travis said on the latest episode of his podcast.

Travis Kelce has finally addressed his unearthed tweets.

Amid the growing attention around his relationship with Taylor Swift, Travis, 34, found himself at the center of public conversation earlier this month after social media users dug up a bunch of his old tweets.

Fans initially gushed over how seemingly unproblematic his old posts were. One of his most popular tweets revealed his fascination with a “squirle,” while several others expressed his admiration for naps.

Twitter: @tkelce

Twitter: @tkelce

Twitter: @tkelce

However, some other tweets purportedly posted by Travis between 2010 and 2011 — when he would’ve been in his early 20s — were far less wholesome. Screenshots of the apparent tweets, all of which were deleted before they could be verified by BuzzFeed, have been posted across X (formerly known as Twitter) and on the FauxMoi subreddit. Many of them have been labeled “misogynistic,” “ableist,” and anti-fat by fans.

Just last week, The View’s Joy Behar drew attention to some of Travis’s purported old tweets, calling his alleged remarks “disparaging” as she expressed her disappointment.

And now, Travis has briefly addressed his old tweets during a new episode of his New Heights podcast.

Sitting down with his brother and cohost, Jason Kelce, on the Nov. 22 episode, Travis admitted that he’s been trying to get his old tweets “deleted” since he joined the NFL.

“I will say that I’ve been trying to get all those tweets deleted,” he said. “Like, since I’ve gotten to the league, I’ve been like, ‘Gosh, I want all those things to get deleted.’”

“And sure enough, it came to surface level and everybody fucking dove into 2011,” he said. “What a fucking year that was.”

Jason went on to tell Travis, “I think we all have tweets that we would love to have deleted,” before asking what he thinks of the old posts today.

Travis admitted, “I was just using Twitter as a diary. I’m just out here saying nonsense.”

Travis did not acknowledge any of the problematic screenshots currently circulating, though he and Jason did go on to read some of the more lighthearted unearthed tweets.

You can watch the full podcast episode here.

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