Travis Barker Appeared To Casually Reveal The Name Of His And Kourtney Kardashian’s Baby After Her Sisters Famously Kept Their Son’s Names Private For Months

“Not him revealing the name, you know the Kardashians like to wait.”

Travis Barker appeared to reveal the name of his and Kourtney Kardashian’s baby during a new podcast appearance.

A closeup of the couple at the met gala

The pair announced that they were expecting a baby boy back in June, with Kourtney memorably making a sweet Blink-182 reference to share the news with the world.

a pregnant kourtney in the crowd holding a sign that says, "travis i'm pregnant"

Now, sitting down on Toby Morse’s One Life One Chance podcast this week, Travis casually slipped the apparent name of his and Kourtney’s child into the conversation as he discussed some of his band’s shows.

closeup kourtney adjusting travis's outfit on the red carpet

Speaking of a concert that he and his band recently wanted to do in Hawaii, Travis noted that he couldn’t because it was the same week that his and Kourtney’s baby is due.

closeup of him holding a coffee

“It’s the week that Rocky’s due,” he casually said. Host Toby replied, “Rocky 13 Barker,” to which Travis repeated, “Rocky 13 Barker.”

travis has his hand bandaged and kourtney is leaning into him

Toby later said, “That’s such a great name,” and Travis replied, “Thank you.”

the couple kissing at the met

Then, when asked when the little boy is due, Travis said, “Either Halloween or the first week of November” — aka, any day now!

the two holding hands outside

If you’ve been keeping up with the updates on Kravis’s baby, his name seemingly being Rocky 13 probably doesn’t come as a surprise.

kourt taking a mirror selfie of her pregnant belly

Travis explained back in June that his ideal baby name would be “Rocky 13.” He told Complex, “I like Rocky 13. That's this name that's been going through my head lately… Rocky George played guitar for Suicidal Tendencies, and 13 is just the greatest number of all time.”

closeup of the two sitting in the audience

Travis later went on to like a tweet that said, “Honestly, Rocky is def a cute name. I’m here for Rocky Barker,” while eagle-eyed fans noticed that the words “baby Rocky” appeared to feature in one of Kourtney's Instagram posts.

closeup of her

So, some fans weren’t all too surprised when reacting to Travis’s apparent confirmation of the baby name now. Others, however, speculated that the moniker “Rocky 13” might just be a nickname and that he and Kourtney are waiting to reveal his actual name once he’s born.

kourt taking a mirror selfie of her belly

Either way, what fans did largely agree on was how candid Travis and Kourtney have been about their potential baby name throughout her pregnancy — contrary to her sisters, who have famously waited before sharing their kids’ names with the world.

kourt biting travis's lip

If you recall, Kylie Jenner and Khloé Kardashian are the most recent members of the Kar/Jenner clan to have kids, with the two welcoming their sons last year. After initially announcing and then retracting the news that her baby was named Wolf, Kylie ended up waiting until her little boy was almost one year old before revealing that he is named Aire.

closeup of kylie at an event

As for Khloé, she waited roughly 10 months before sharing that her little one is named Tatum. Both Kylie and Khloé also memorably avoided posting photos of their sons to social media for the first year or so after they were born.

closepu of khloe at the met

Now commenting on Travis’s latest podcast appearance, one person made reference to the Kar/Jenners’ habit of shielding their baby names, writing: “Damn not him revealing the name, you know the Kardashians like to wait lmao.” Someone else replied, "He does not play by their rules."

closeup of travis and kourtney

You can listen to Travis’s full appearance on the One Life One Chance podcast here.

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