People Have Been Left Super Emotional By Taylor Swift’s Comments About Travis Kelce Serenading Her With Her Own Song

“The girl who's written some of the most prominent love songs ever hasn't had a romantic moment such as this until now,” one person tweeted.

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After the Chiefs won the Super Bowl on Sunday, the team headed to Zouk nightclub in Las Vegas to celebrate, with Taylor Swift — and her parents — also in attendance.

Kansas City Chiefs players celebrating on the field

Taylor, who has been dating Chiefs player publicly Travis Kelce since September, documented their chaotic night out on her TikTok page, where she revealed she’d “accidentally” ended up clubbing with her mom and dad.

Two individuals sharing a kiss, surrounded by a crowd and cameras at a sports event

And in footage that has since circulated across social media, Taylor and Travis appeared to have a great time — especially, it seemed, when some of her own songs were being played by the DJs.

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift smiling at an event, Kelce in Chiefs gear, Swift in dark top
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At one point, Taylor and Travis were filmed dancing and kissing as her 2008 hit “Love Story” came on.

Taylor Swift in a floral top and leather skirt walks alongside a man in a light jacket and dark pants

And in another viral video shared by Taylor's close friend Keleigh Teller, Travis could be seen serenading Taylor while up in the DJ booth with The Chainsmokers, who played a remix of her song “You Belong with Me.”

A musician performs energetically on stage in front of a purple-lit crowd

Travis pointed to himself while looking at Taylor on the dance floor and singing the lyrics, “Why can’t you see / You belong with me.” He later changed one of the lyrics to sing, “Are you in love with me?” instead.

DJ gesturing to crowd with microphone in hand during a performance

Meanwhile, Taylor — who also pointed to Travis while singing along — looked ecstatic on the dance floor, with several fans gushing over the sweet move.

Taylor pointing at Travis and Travis pointing at himself when You Belong With Me played

— lindsey 🐍🖤 (@thinktswift) February 12, 2024
Twitter: @thinktswift

And now, Taylor has described the moment as “the most romantic thing” that has ever happened to her.

Person posing on the red carpet in a sleeveless gold dress with polka dot details and a belt

In a video taken that same night, Taylor said, “That was the most romantic thing that's ever happened to me... And then we met in the middle, I was like, ‘What is happening in my life right now?!’”

Taylor Swift in a sheer floral top and leather skirt with boots alongside Joe Alwyn in a beige jacket and pants, walking hand in hand

Reacting to the clip online, several fans expressed how thrilled they were for Taylor. One person tweeted, “Seeing her being loved and appreciated in all the ways she’s always craved and deserved is so special,” while someone else wrote, “She was serenaded with her own song, iconic.”

Two people embracing joyfully surrounded by cameras, man in a casual printed tee, woman in a red knit

Meanwhile, some people had a harder time believing that this was “the most romantic” Taylor has “ever” experienced, joking that “the bar is in hell.”

“The girl who's written some of the most prominent love songs ever hasn't had a romantic moment such as this until now,” one person wrote.

Taylor Swift holding an award on stage, wearing a strapless black dress and smiling

“how is she 34 and the biggest woman on the face of the planet and it took THIS long for her to experience a romance like this ?? men do better,” another tweet read.

Man in AFC Champions shirt and woman in orange top smiling on football field
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