Kelly Clarkson Was Left “Fighting For Her Life” After Sofía Vergara Called Out Her Comments About Her “Griselda” Transformation, And The Whole Thing Is Hilariously Awkward

“First rule of holes: when you’re in one, STOP digging,” one viewer advised Kelly after watching her awkward interaction with Sofía.

You may have seen that Sofía Vergara is currently starring in Griselda, which has just been released on Netflix.

Close-up of Sofía from the series

And in order to transform into the real Griselda Blanco, the notorious Colombian drug lord whose life inspired the miniseries, Sofía, 51, used heaps of prosthetics to completely alter her face.

Discussing this at a recent press conference, Sofía revealed just how much effort went into turning herself into Griselda. “The most important thing for me was to disappear. For Sofia to disappear, for Gloria Pritchett from Modern Family to disappear,” she said, referring to her famous role on the hit sitcom.

Close-up of Sofía smiling at a table with food on it

“I didn’t want people to think, Oh, that's Gloria with a fake nose. That was my main worry. And it took us a lot of tests to see different wigs, different noses, different eyebrows,” she went on, revealing that her teeth, hairline, and skin tone were also altered for the role.

Close-up of Sofía smoking a cigarette on the Netflix show

And so it’s perhaps unsurprising that Sofía wasn’t too pleased this week when Kelly Clarkson suggested that her transformation into Griselda had only been “slight.”

Close-up of Kelly in a furry outfit at a media event

In a clip from The Kelly Clarkson Show that is currently circulating across TikTok, the host gushed about how “incredible” Sofía’s transformation was before telling her, “I feel like they only changed your nose or something.”

Close-up of Kelly on her show pointing to her nose

Sofía quickly hit back by shouting, “What?!” When Kelly replied, “I don’t know what they did!” Sofía asked her, “Are you crazy?!”

Close-up of Sofía on Kelly's show

Kelly then awkwardly began trying to explain herself, saying, “No, I’m saying, whatever they did, it looks slight. It doesn’t look like, you know what I’m saying? Like, when you look at you…”

Close-up of Kelly on Kelly's show

Sofía then interrupted and said, “No, Kelly, it was hours!” prompting a huge burst of laughter from the audience.

Close-up of Sofía on Kelly's show

Once again, Kelly attempted to set things straight. She began, “Here’s what I’m saying. It probably took time but…” before being cut off by Sofía, who jokingly said, “Don’t be jealous!”

Close-up of Kelly on Kelly's show

Kelly fired back, “The slight change completely changed your being!” Sofía didn’t let down, yelling, “It was a wig!” When Kelly attempted to speak over her, Sofía hit back, “Shut up! It was a wig! It was a lot!”

Close-up of Sofía on Kelly's show

The crowd — and Kelly — burst out laughing at Sofía’s response. Then, attempting to explain herself yet again, Kelly explained that she felt the makeup and prosthetics team had done “such a good job” making Sofía’s transformation into Griselda “seamless.”

Close-up of Sofía having makeup applied to her face

“You literally look like you could actually just be this person in other movies. You could have two careers,” Kelly said.

Close-up of Kelly on Kelly's show

Finally, Sofía agreed with Kelly’s remark, and things simmered right down. However, as expected, viewers wasted no time jumping into the comments to discuss the awkward clash.

Close-up of Sofía in a shiny strapless outfit at a media event

Plenty of users joked that Kelly was “fighting for her life” in the now-viral clip. “I just know Kelly was sweatiiiing,” one person wrote, while someone else playfully advised, “First rule of holes: when you’re in one, STOP digging.”

Screenshot of comments
Screenshot of more comments

“Stop, digging Kelly,” another user echoed. “KELLY WAS STRESSSSED,” one more person added.

Several viewers went on to quip that Kelly’s response to Sofía had the “same energy” as the viral clip of Kelly Osbourne desperately attempting to explain herself after making a controversial remark about Latinx people on The View in 2015 — which you can read more about here.

More TikTok comments
More TikTok comments

Elsewhere, some people suggested that Sofía needed to “chill” in the clip, while others said that her “sarcasm flew right over Kelly’s head.”

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