Kelly Clarkson Allegedly Claimed That Her Ex-Husband Brandon Blackstock Told Her She Wasn’t Sexy Enough To Be On “The Voice,” And Her Apparent Response Was Heartbreaking

“A wife doesn’t forget a time she gets told she’s not a sex symbol, so that stays,” Kelly reportedly testified.

Back in November, Kelly Clarkson won a huge legal victory against her now-ex-husband, Brandon Blackstock.

Kelly kisses Brandon on the cheek at a red carpet event

For some context, Kelly and Brandon were married for seven years, between 2013 and 2020. They share a nine-year-old daughter named River Rose, and a seven-year-old son named Remington Alexander.

During the time that they were married, Brandon also managed Kelly’s professional career.

But amid their divorce, Kelly purportedly accused Brandon of unlawfully securing her contracts that should've been handled by her talent agents — for The Voice, The Kelly Clarkson Show, Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL), Wayfair, and the Billboard Music Awards — and taking fees in return.

In November, a California labor commissioner ruled in favor of Kelly, stating that Brandon had overstepped his managerial role when securing four of these five business deals for her.

Legal documents obtained by numerous outlets stated that Brandon had taken $2,641,374 in commission for the four deals, which he was ordered to pay back to Kelly.

closeup of the two at an event

Fast forward to today, and fresh details of Kelly’s testimony have been made public after the New York Post released a new report citing legal filings.

Per the outlet, Kelly testified that Brandon had advised her not to star on The Voice because NBC network executives were “looking for a more sex symbol type.”

Kelly on The Voice as a judge

Kelly purportedly said that she’d made it known to Brandon for years how much she wanted to be on The Voice. Of course, she ultimately ended up joining the show in 2018.

Kelly allegedly claimed that Brandon told her NBC would much prefer to have someone like Rihanna join the show, not only because she was “sexy,” but because the network “had to have someone that was Black.” She claimed he said, “They had to have a diverse thing.”

closeup of Rihanna

Kelly also reportedly said that Brandon told her she was “too similar” to Blake Shelton, who, at the time, coached on The Voice.

When Kelly was asked how she was able to remember Brandon’s remarks, she purportedly said, “Well, a wife doesn’t forget a time she gets told she’s not a sex symbol, so that stays.”

We'll be sure to keep you posted if any further details unfold.

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