Shanna Moakler Claimed She Once Confronted Travis Barker And Kim Kardashian After Allegedly Finding Suggestive Messages Between Them

Shanna claimed that an anonymous source sent her messages between Kim and Travis, in which they’d allegedly been planning to meet up and have sex.

Travis Barker’s ex-wife, Shanna Moakler, is speaking out about his past crush on Kim Kardashian.

For context, Travis and Shanna got married in 2004, though ended up briefly separating in August 2006, with Travis filing for divorce.

shanna and travis with their arms around each other

The following month, Travis began dating Paris Hilton, whom Kim was working for at the time as a closet organizer and assistant. However, as he admitted in his 2015 memoir, Travis actually developed a huge crush on Kim during his and Paris’s relationship.

paris and kim at a party

In his book, titled Can I Say: Living Large, Cheating Death, and Drums, Drums, Drums, Travis admitted that he found Kim “fucking hot” and spent time “secretly checking” her out. The pair later grew closer and more “flirtatious” after he split from Paris and she split from her then-boyfriend Ray J.

However, Travis stated in his memoir that he and Kim never actually had sex, and nothing romantic developed between them. Meanwhile, Kim has also recently said that she and Travis have never hooked up.

kim at an event

And Travis has also made it super clear that his past crush on Kim has in no way impacted his current relationship with her sister Kourtney Kardashian, to whom he is now married.

travis and kourtney tongue kissing on the red carpet

During an interview with the Los Angeles Times last year, Travis directly addressed all the buzz around his past crush on Kim, noting that he made everything public because he “wanted to move past it.”

“I obviously shared all that stuff because I wanted to move past it. It was therapeutic for me. That’s her sister. She knows we used to talk. Nothing bad was going on,” he said.

Fast forward to today, and Travis’s ex-wife Shanna is looking back on his past crush on Kim.

After their 2006 split, Travis and Shanna ended up briefly rekindling things, and were back together officially in March 2007. They broke up again a few months later and then tried to make things work one last time in 2009 — although to no avail.

Ever since Travis and Kourtney got together, Shanna has made it super clear that she’s not too keen on their romance. Not only has she accused Kourtney of destroying her family, but she’s also described their marriage as “really weird.”

On the Dumb Blonde podcast this week, Shanna claimed that she was once sent suggestive text messages between Travis and Kim from an anonymous source — while she and Travis were allegedly working on their relationship.

travis when he had a mohawk, kissing shannon on the cheek

“I wanted this relationship to work. I was so in love with him,” she said, claiming that he and Kim had been planning to meet up and have sex in the alleged messages.

Shanna claimed that Travis “deleted” the alleged messages once she showed him. She also alleged that she called Kim and confronted her once she had been sent the texts, and that Kim denied the accusation, allegedly saying, “I don’t like white guys.”

Shanna went on to say that she and Travis “never really recovered” from his alleged interaction with Kim, adding that she “felt stupid.”

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