Sarah Hyland Featured Her “Modern Family” Dad, Ty Burrell — AKA Phil Dunphy — In Her Adorable Father’s Day Post, And Fans Can’t Get Enough

“There’s no greater father figure than Phil Dunphy.”

On Sunday, Sarah Hyland posted a heartwarming tribute in honor of Father’s Day.

Close-up of Sarah in a strapless dress with a thigh-high side slit

Sharing a joint Instagram post with her husband, Wells Adams, Sarah wrote, “Happy Father’s Day to all the dads in your life! #fathersday.”

Sarah and Wells embracing at a press event

Naturally, the photo featured Sarah and Wells's respective dads, Edward Hyland and Robert Adams.

But there was also one more very important figure who managed to make the cut: Ty Burrell.

As Modern Family fans will know, Ty plays Phil Dunphy, dad to Sarah’s character, Haley Dunphy, in the hit sitcom.

Sarah and Ty smiling at a press event

The father-daughter duo shared one of the most wholesome relationships across the series, with several fans for years labeling Phil the “best TV dad.”

Ty in a vest and rolled-up sleeves, holding a champagne glass and smiling

And so, Modern Family viewers were overjoyed to see Sarah featuring Ty in her tribute this Father’s Day.

Sarah and Ty smiling together

“Ok I just cried a little over Phil Dunphy being in this,” one user commented under the post on Instagram.

Comments praising Phil as "the universal dad" and "everybody's dad" and saying "there's no greater father figure than Phil Dunphy"

“[Phil] is EVERYBODYS dad,” someone wrote. “There’s no greater father figure than Phil Dunphy,” said another user.

Close-up of Ty in a suit and tie

“The fact that Ty is there, I think it's really too cute,” one person commented, while someone else added, “Phil is the universal dad.”

The comments above screenshot, as well as "He fathered a nation"

Meanwhile, over on Twitter, more fans expressed their joy at Sarah’s adorable post.

Phil smiles as Hayley and Dylan embrace in a scene from Modern Family

“I love that Ty Burrell makes the cut every time Sarah Hyland or her husband posts about dads,” one person tweeted. “phil & haley forever.”

I love that Ty Burrell makes the cut every time Sarah Hyland or her husband posts about dads 😭❤️ phil & haley forever 🫶🏽

— sona (@swiftlydunphy) June 18, 2023
Twitter: @swiftlydunphy

“Sarah Hyland wishing Ty Burrell happy father's day,” someone else wrote alongside a crying GIF.

Sarah Hyland wishing Ty Burrell happy father's day

— SauME!ow ✨ (@saumya_pandey04) June 19, 2023
NBC / @saumya_pandey04 / Via Twitter: @saumya_pandey04

Of course, it’s no secret that Sarah and Ty have remained super close since Modern Family came to an end in 2020.

In fact, Ty was actually originally supposed to officiate Sarah and Wells’s wedding last August, though he ended up having to step down because of a family emergency. Instead, their fellow Modern Family alum Jesse Tyler Ferguson wound up officiating the ceremony.

Close-up of Jesse smiling

“I don’t know if people know this, but Ty Burrell was meant to do it, and there was a family emergency,” Jesse told Entertainment Tonight at the time. “So I got a phone call 12 days before the wedding, and that’s why Ty wasn’t there; he had stuff going on.”

Close-up of Jesse smiling

Jesse added, “But I did call Ty like, 'What are some of your bullet points that you were going to talk about? Because I need to fast-track this.' He hadn’t written anything up, but he had some ideas, and I was like, 'Oh, this is all really good. This is a jumping-off place.' I was honored to do it. Very happy to understudy Ty Burrell.”

The family hugging on Modern Family
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