Here’s Exactly What Went Down After Khloé Kardashian Awkwardly Confronted Kris Jenner About Cheating

Kris was forced to reflect on the infamous affair she had during her marriage to Robert Kardashian Sr. after Khloé outright asked why she cheated knowing that she was at risk of breaking up their family.

Last week’s episode of The Kardashians ended on an intense cliffhanger, with Khloé confronting her mom, Kris Jenner, for cheating in a past relationship.

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For those who missed it, Khloé was left frustrated after Kris sat her down one-on-one to discuss Tristan Thompson’s infidelity. During their chat, Kris essentially admitted that she was worried Khloé might “regret” not giving Tristan another chance in spite of how many times he has cheated on her.

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Most notably, Tristan publicly apologized to Khloé last year for causing her “heartbreak and humiliation” after news broke that he’d secretly fathered a child outside of their relationship. We later found out that Khloé and Tristan were also quietly engaged at the time, and preparing to welcome a second baby of their own via surrogate.

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Prior to this, Khloé and Tristan had dated on and off for years, with the athlete having been exposed for cheating on her multiple times — one of which being just days before the birth of their first child, True.

But in spite of all this, Kris has openly pushed for a reconciliation between Khloé and Tristan, even recently explaining that she was scared Khloé would feel a “void” in her home without his presence.

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And last week, after Kris said that she believes Tristan wasn’t “thinking” when he cheated and fathered a child outside of his relationship, Khloé grew frustrated and ended up confronting her mom about her own past infidelity.

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For those who don’t know, Kris has openly admitted to cheating on her ex-husband, Robert Kardashian Sr., who is the father of Khloé, Kourtney, Kim, and Rob.

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In her 2011 memoir, Kris Jenner... And All Things Kardashian, Kris revealed that she cheated on Robert — whom she’d been married to for over a decade — after finding herself feeling bored in their relationship.

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Kris writes that things started out with a kiss at a house party, but ended up evolving into an “insanely intense affair,” which involved having “wild, crazy sex all the time.” The affair lasted for months, with Kris admitting that she “constantly lied” to Robert and her friends about her whereabouts.

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Months after finding out about the affair, Robert finally decided to file for divorce from Kris, which, she writes, left her devastated. When they eventually told their kids about their separation, Kris says that Kim, Kourtney, and Khloé cried uncontrollably, and were “angry” at her for hurting their dad.

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Fast forward to today, and Khloé has questioned what was going through Kris's head when she cheated on Robert knowing that she was at risk of breaking up their family. "What was [your] mindset when you cheated?" she asked her mom, which is where last week's episode of The Kardashians cut off.

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In this week's installment, the scene continues with Kris explaining, “I think being really young and dumb is something that plays into it, because you don’t really understand the consequences of your actions.”

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Khloé replies, “But what was my dad doing that made you wanna look elsewhere?” In response, Kris says, “I don’t know, ‘cause he was such a great husband and such a great dad. I think that I fell into a situation where I thought that the grass was greener somewhere else, and I made a huge mistake. That’s my life’s biggest regret.”

Kris elaborates on this in a confessional, explaining that she and Robert staying such close friends after getting divorced was partially the reason she ended up seriously regretting cheating on him.

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“I just want Khloé to be really careful when she makes these decisions and she has to let somebody go,” Kris says.

She then tells Khloé, “I’m not proud of the way that I behaved during that time, but you know what? Everything happens for a reason. I really do live my life by thinking God has a plan, and without that whole thing happening, there never would’ve been Kendall and Kylie.” A month after her and Robert’s divorce was finalized, Kris got married to Caitlyn Jenner, with whom she later welcomed Kendall and Kylie Jenner.

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Later on in their conversation, Kris tells Khloé, “I just want you to be happy.” To this, Khloé insists that she absolutely is happy being single. “I already have my happily ever after with my kids. I’m totally happy!” she says, before adding that she isn’t interested in prioritizing a romantic partner over her children.

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Kris eventually says that she’s glad Khloé is “taking her time” to heal, noting that she seems to be in a “really healthy place.” She ultimately agrees to give Khloé time to decide if she ever wants to take on the “responsibility” of dating again.

Elsewhere during the episode, Khloé is joined by her best friend Malika Haqq for lunch, during which she reveals that Tristan has finally moved out of her home after temporarily living with her when his own house got flooded.

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However, Khloé reveals that Tristan’s home is literally a block away from hers, meaning that he’s “still very much there” at her house to help raise their kids.

Khloé admits that before he moved in, she and Tristan were “barely talking.” In fact, she later shares that she “didn’t speak” to him “at all for six months” after finding out about his paternity scandal. But now, she says that him temporarily living with her allowed their relationship to “go back to normal.”

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"Khloé then tells Malika about the chat she had with Kris and mentions how “forgiving” her mom is of Tristan — in spite of how badly Tristan treated Khloé."

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“I love my mom for so many reasons, but one of the main things that’s so beautiful about her is how forgiving she is — and how a lot of us are in my family,” she says. “‘Cause being a mom, if someone did what Tristan did to my daughter, I would probably castrate them — and smile doing it.”

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Later on, Khloé admits that while she thinks “in an ideal world” she’d be married to and raising her kids with Tristan, she is no longer attracted to him after his treatment of her. She explains that the “most wild thing” was the paternity scandal, saying, “It’s not only finding out that he had someone else pregnant, but while I secretly had my own surrogate pregnant.”

Khloé goes on to say that in the future, she wants to feel “proud” of the person she’s dating.

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“I want to feel proud when I go into a room and I’m with my man, and I don’t think everyone’s laughing at me for being a weak bitch for staying with someone,” she shared.

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But in spite of this, Malika then tells her that she might want to consider giving Tristan another chance in a bid to “save” her family.

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“Maybe think about it this way. Maybe you might wanna try to save your family. Maybe you might wanna give this a shot—” Malika suggests, before being cut off by Khloé, who says, “But I have. I’ve tried to save my family a couple times.”

Khloé reiterates that she’s focusing on herself and has no interest in reconciling with Tristan at present, but Malika questions again, “So, it’s not never?” Khloé replies, “Well, I don’t know. I don’t know what it is. It’s definitely not now.”

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