People Are Cringing After Johnny Depp Shared A Totally Edited Picture Of Himself And Robert Downey Jr. That He Actually Wasn’t In At All

“Johnny depp went to the kate middleton school of editing,” one user joked, while others cringed as they noticed that one of RDJ’s thumbs was “missing” entirely from the edited photo.

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If you watched this year’s Academy Awards, you’ll know that Robert Downey Jr. took home the golden statue for Best Supporting Actor.

Robert Downey Jr. in a black suit holding an Oscar statue with another statue in the background

Robert, 58, won the Oscar for his performance as Lewis Strauss in Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer, which later won Best Picture.

Robert Downey Jr. accepting his Oscar

Naturally, many fans and celebrities were thrilled for RDJ — especially being that it was his first ever Oscar win. And amongst all the online discourse, his longtime friend Johnny Depp took to Instagram on Monday to congratulate him on his win, sharing an apparent old photo of the pair to his stories.

Closeup of Johnny Depp
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However, several internet users quickly noticed that the image shared by Johnny, which you can view here, had actually been edited.

Johnny Depp in a formal black suit at an event

As X users studied the image, it was revealed that Johnny never actually featured in the original photo — which actually captured Robert and his then-girlfriend Sarah Jessica Parker leaving the 1988 Young Artists Unite event in LA.

Closeup of Sarah Jessica Parker and Robert Downey Jr.

The edited version of the photograph features a young version of Johnny in it instead of Sarah. It has circulated online for years, and appears to have been forged by fan accounts.

Johnny Depp in a pinstripe suit with a teal tie at an event

While many people speculated that Johnny had likely found and reposted the edited image after googling a photo of the pair, others couldn’t help but laugh (and cringe) at the entire thing — especially after noticing Robert’s “missing thumb” and wisps of SJP’s hair in the altered picture.

Johnny Depp in a black suit and sunglasses posing at an event

“Oh no…this is so CLEARLY photoshopped. The second hand embarrassment has my face stuck in the cringe position,” one person wrote. “This is so fucking embarrassing,” someone tweeted.

Johnny Depp wearing glasses and a suit, speaking into a microphone at an event

Of course, this wouldn't be the first time Depp has made headlines lately, following his highly publicized legal disputes with his ex-wife, Amber Heard.

“This is actually so cringy lmaoooo. did he really think the internet wasn’t going to notice it’s photoshopped?? did he not know???” another user wrote. “I’m so embarassed for him omg,” one more tweet read.

Before long, several users began jokingly comparing the entire thing to the current discourse around Kate Middleton's edited photo.

Kate Middleton in a blue coat and matching hat, smiling at a public event

As you might’ve seen, Kate took to X this week to address a family photo she and Prince William had shared that pretty much broke the internet after people noticed all the very obvious signs of editing.

#KateMiddleton photoshop mistakes.

— Shao Trommashere (@MedicTrommasher) March 10, 2024
@_princeandprincessofwales / / Via Twitter: @MedicTrommasher

The photo was shared amongst growing speculation around Kate’s whereabouts, being that she underwent abdominal surgery back in January, and hasn’t been seen at any formal public events since.

Bringing Kate’s photo into view while reacting to the image shared by Johnny, one person quipped, “johnny depp went to the kate middleton school of editing.”

Johnny Depp in a grey suit, adjusting sunglasses, at an event

“He really swooped in and stole the ‘worst photoshop job of the day’ award from the Royals with mere minutes left on the clock,” someone else tweeted.

According to multiple outlets, Johnny later shared a ~real~ photo of himself and Robert at the 2011 Golden Globes. He reportedly wrote alongside it, “Let’s try this again... congrats to my dear friend.”

Closeup of Robert Downey Jr. and Johnny Depp

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