“She Is A Woman With A Uterus”: Ice Spice Is Being Supported After She Shut Down Tons Of Pregnancy Rumors Under A Photo Showing Her Stomach

“She has the pregnancy line,” one comment read.

Ice Spice has spoken out after being flooded with heaps of comments speculating that she’s pregnant.

The rapper, 24, shared a full-body photo of herself to her X (formerly known as Twitter) and Instagram pages this week, in which she was wearing a part-mesh top and shorts.

Twitter: @icespicee_

And sadly, Ice Spice’s picture was quickly met with heaps of speculation that she was pregnant.

“R U PREGNANT????” read the top comment on Instagram, which received over 6,000 likes.

Another user said, “Girl u better not be pregnant,” while someone else commented, “Baby bump???👀👀”

Then, once the photo of Ice Spice was shared by @TheShadeRoom, several more users entered the conversation to suggest that they could see a “pregnancy line” on her stomach.

“She has the pregnancy line,” one person said. “She’s def pregnant the whole line is showing,” someone else speculated.

“I know a pregnant belly when I see one,” another user added, while one more person claimed: “She has the pregnant belly line.”

On the other hand, several users argued that the artist didn’t look pregnant at all.

“everyone saying she’s pregnant have you ever met an actual woman,” one person tweeted. “this woman does not look pregnant everyone in the comments need to be serious for a second,” another said.

Before long, Ice Spice ended up shutting down the pregnancy rumors with this tweet, which she also reposted to her Instagram story:

Twitter: @icespicee_

But sadly, Ice Spice’s response prompted some users to compare her to Halle Bailey, who famously hid her entire pregnancy last year in order to keep herself “sane” amid tons of criticism.

Halle publicly begged to be left “alone” last November after several people said she had a “pregnancy nose,” but she was still met with heaps of speculation that she was expecting until she ultimately announced her son’s birth in January.

Bringing Halle into view now amid the speculation around Ice Spice, one person said, “Halle fooled me once won’t be fooled again.” Someone else said that they “trust nobody” after Halle, while another user wrote of Ice Spice’s tweet, “They always say this. Then 9 months later come out with a whole baby.”

Fortunately, however, tons of social media users voiced their support for Ice Spice after she shut down the pregnancy speculation, and reminded others to stop “worrying about other people’s bodies.”

“Y’all stay worrying about other people's bodies,” one user said, while someone else reminded people, “She is woman with a uterus.”

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