Caitlyn Jenner Said It’s “Sad” That She And Kris Jenner “Never” Speak Anymore Years After Their Infamous Feud Over Her Shocking Memoir

“When you have as many kids as I have, you're closer to some than you are to others... I’m much closer to the Jenner side,” Caitlyn said.

Caitlyn Jenner is speaking out about her strained relationship with Kris Jenner.

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As you might be aware, things between the exes soured after Caitlyn — who publicly came out as transgender in 2015 — said that the reason behind her and Kris’s divorce was only “20% gender-related” and “80%” because Kris had “mistreated” her.

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Caitlyn’s comment about Kris’s alleged treatment of her during their marriage led to several arguments between herself and the Kardashians — namely Khloé and Kris — which were displayed on their E! reality show, Keeping Up With the Kardashians. And things only got worse when Caitlyn later made a series of harsh comments about the family in her 2017 memoir, The Secrets of My Life.

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Caitlyn famously alleged that Kris was well aware of her desire to transition, claiming that she’d dressed up as a woman in front of her several times during their marriage and grew size “36 B breasts” from taking hormones. However, Kris claimed that she was not at all aware of Caitlyn’s gender dysphoria.

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Caitlyn made a bunch more shocking remarks in her memoir, including that she didn't feel “comfortable” having sex with Kris, and that she’d “sold out” by being on KUWTK. As a result, the Kardashians branded her a “bad, mean person” and made it clear that they didn’t want any communication with her anymore.

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Caitlyn later clarified that the Kardashians had cut ties with her, noting that she’d “lost all relationship” with them during a 2017 appearance on Piers Morgan’s Life Stories. “I don't talk to the Kardashians anymore. The only ones I am concerned about are Kendall and Kylie. They are my biological kids. I spent 23 years carting them around,” she said.

However, in spite of all the drama, the tension between Caitlyn and some of the Kardashians appeared to simmer down over the next few years. Back in June, for example, Caitlyn penned a sweet birthday message to Khloé, within which she admitted she hasn't always been a "perfect" parent but will "always love" her nonetheless.

But now, Caitlyn is speaking out about her strained relationship with the Kardashians — namely Kris — once again.

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Sitting down for an appearance on British talk show This Morning on Oct. 4, Caitlyn said that she and Kris “never” talk anymore, and make any necessary communication through their managers.

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“Kris I really never talk to anymore,” she shared. “It's sad... If there's any communications, Sophia Hutchins, she’s my manager, she runs the show.”

Explaining that she’s not close with “the Kardashian side” of the family, Caitlyn said, “When you have as many kids as I have, you’re closer to some than you are to others. And it’s kind of that way through there, through that side of the family.”

“I certainly see them, we do this and that. I’m much closer to the Jenner side, you know, with Brandon and Brody and my son Burt, my daughter Casey,” she went on, referring to her four kids from previous marriages.

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Caitlyn added, “But Kris, I really don't have any more contact with her. It's kinda sad, because we went through a lot... There’s just a lot there.”

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Caitlyn’s latest comments come a year after Kris said the pair were “friends,” and that the tension between them had “settled down a lot.”

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Speaking with Robin Roberts during the 2022 ABC News special The Kardashians, Kris said of her and Caitlyn’s relationship, “We’re fine. We’re friends. I see her when she’s at a family thing. It’s settled down a lot.”

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Going on to discuss Caitlyn’s transition, Kris said, “It’s a subject that I never thought I would have to directly deal with, confront, be understanding about something that I didn’t understand.”

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