Fans Are Heavily Supporting Bebe Rexha After A Seriously Uncomfortable Video Showed Her Being Hit In The Face By A Phone During Her Concert

“Assaulting celebrities is too normal and not OK.”

On Sunday, singer Bebe Rexha was injured onstage during a concert in New York.

Close-up of Bebe in a shiny spaghetti-strap outfit and furry wrap

Bebe, 33, was performing at the Rooftop at Pier 17 as part of her Best F’n Night of My Life Tour, which began late last month.

Bebe onstage performing

Toward the end of her set, Bebe was hit in the face by a cellphone that someone in the crowd threw.

Bebe in a spaghetti-strap bodice top and tight skirt

In several fan-shot videos that are currently circulating across social media, Bebe can be seen falling to her knees after being hit by the device. More footage later showed Bebe clutching her face in apparent pain as she was rushed offstage by several crew members.

Bee onstage being hit by the cellphone

According to multiple Twitter accounts, including Pop Crave, Bebe’s mom, Bukurije Rexha, said that the singer needed three stitches after being taken to the hospital. BuzzFeed has reached out to Bebe’s representatives for comment on this.

Close-up of Bebe in a long-sleeved off-the-shoulder velvety, formfitting outfit

As for Bebe herself, she’s yet to publicly address the injury. However, many social media users have voiced their support for the singer in the hours since the footage went viral.

Bebe at a press event in a pantsuit

“this is actually so disrespectful and disgusting,” read one tweet that contained video footage of Bebe being hit by the phone, which has been viewed over 700,000 times.

Close-up of Bebe in a studded denim outfit

“stop throwing stuff at artists!! asshole behavior,” one person said. “Assaulting celebrities is too normal and not ok,” someone else wrote, as more users went on to recall similar injuries recently endured by artists like Harry Styles and Lady Gaga.

Harry performing onstage

Several Twitter users then went on to discuss the way that Bebe has been mistreated by the public over the years. Just a few months ago, for example, the star was left upset and “discouraged” after seeing that she was trending on TikTok over her weight.

Twitter: @BebeRexha

“I literally feel so bad for her. The way she gets treated by the general public & music industry is so horrible. I wanna give her a hug so bad,” one person wrote.

Close-up of Bebe in a jumpsuit

“bebe rexha is one of the sweetest people so to see the constant online dogpiling lately making fun of her and now seeing her getting physically hurt is heartbreaking,” said another.

Close-up of Bebe in an off-the-shoulder outfit

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