People Were Very Perplexed And Amused By Trump's Tiny Desk

"They sat Trump at the kid’s table for Thanksgiving."

President Donald Trump's press conferences often go awry in one way or another, but on Thanksgiving it was a peculiarly tiny desk that grabbed the spotlight.

On Thursday evening, Trump delivered an address from the White House that began with a recap of his calls to service members on the holiday. From there, it quickly devolved into him bragging about the Space Force and repeating lies about voter fraud, calling the election "rigged" once again without any evidence.

He also took questions from members of the press and at one point snapped at a journalist from Reuters, calling him a "lightweight."

"Don't talk to me that way. You're just a lightweight. Don't talk to me that — I'm the president of the United States. Don't ever talk to the president that way," he told the reporter, while pointing at him.

Overall, there were awkward moments abound, but it was all underscored by the visual of Trump carrying this all out while sitting behind a comically small desk with the presidential seal attached.

Trump, of course, is very sensitive about the size of things, so the tiny table raised eyebrows and the jokes came swiftly.

Trump: it’s a normal size desk? desk guy (barely keeping it together): yea

And people saw it as a rather apt image.

May this be how we remember the Trump presidency: a baby at his tiny little desk throwing a tantrum

Awww, look what Trump got for Christmas: Fisher Price’s ‘I’m still President’ Miniature Desk Playset! So cute... 😊

It also got #DiaperDon trending on Twitter.

I love the fact that Trump had the nerve to flip out at a reporter ("don't ever talk to the President that way!!") while he was sat at his Hasbro "Big Boys' First Presidential Desk" (recommended age: 5-7yrs). #DiaperDon

Which may or may not be what prompted this tweet from Trump.

Twitter is sending out totally false “Trends” that have absolutely nothing to do with what is really trending in the world. They make it up, and only negative “stuff”. Same thing will happen to Twitter as is happening to @FoxNews daytime. Also, big Conservative discrimination!

Basically there were a ton of riffs on the theme of Trump being sat at the kids table for Thanksgiving.

They sat Trump at the kid’s table for Thanksgiving.

This timeless image of course made an appearance, too.

The imagery also reminded people of a Saturday Night Live sketch the had Trump sitting at a miniature desk, playing with toys.

Trump at his mini Resolute Desk reminds me of this old SNL skit 😂

For a president who really cares about optics, these were...not great optics.

Just want to give an extra Thanksgiving shout-out to the person in Trump’s camp who walked out to look at that desk prior to today’s presser and went, “Yeah, looks good. Bring him in.” #hero

I want to salute the dark, subtle genius, quietly at work in the White House staff, who managed to move Rudy Giuliani's press conference to a run down garden centre, and to seat Donald Trump himself at that tiny, tiny desk. Be safe. The world needs your art. #DiaperDon

Every day someone in his administration who is actually resistance swaps out his desk for a slightly smaller one

And yes, don't worry, there were plenty of NPR jokes to round it all out.

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