A Shirtless Reveler Hilariously Interrupted A French Journalist's Broadcast After Biden Won

"Hon hon hon!"

After Joe Biden officially clinched the presidency on Saturday, cities around the US erupted into celebration, with people cheering, partying, and just generally wilding out in the streets.

Naturally, one of the most festive sites was Washington, DC, where people rejoiced just steps away from the White House.

Maxime Switek, a journalist from French news station BFM TV, reported live from the boisterous scene, and had quite the run-in with one of the revelers.

"I've been to France. It's beautiful!" said a shirtless guy, then adopting a clearly flawless faux French accent, causing the reporter to crack up laughing.

"I ate escargot," he said. "I love a croissant, hon hon hon, I love an omelet du fromage, hon hon hon, hon hon hon."

"Omelet du fromage" is a reference to an episode of Dexter's Laboratory, in which Dexter tries to learn French by listening to a tape while sleeping, but wakes up only able to say the phrase the tape got stuck on: "omelet du fromage."

Switek told BuzzFeed News he thought the interaction was "so funny" and that he never got the guy's name.

"I wish I could find who this guy is," Switek said. "It was very noisy and I couldn't understand his name."

According to Forbes, the shirtless Francophile is none other than a 30-year-old DC resident named Meka.

Coincidentally, BuzzFeed News spoke to Meka earlier in the day, for a story in which he was asked for his message to President Donald Trump following his loss.

"Donald Trump, take your wigs and your oversized suits and go home," Meka told BuzzFeed News. (We have reached out to him again for comment on this story.)

Meka seriously is a huge fan of France, he told Forbes. He visited the country in 2010 and had planned to go again this year, but the pandemic derailed his travel plans.

“The French are great,” he said. “I love French food. I love the basic jam there. I love the clothing. I definitely want to come back there and I can’t wait to travel. That was one of my plans this year that was canceled by COVID.”

He took off his shirt after it got drenched in bubbly, he explained.

“When I heard the result, yeah, I was ecstatic. So I ran down and grabbed my emergency bottles of champagne,” he said, reportedly later correcting himself that it was not authentic champagne as it did not come from the Champagne region of France.

The BFM TV clip has gone massively viral, obviously.

I have watched this dozens of times https://t.co/m4JEd0ma5g

better than all 50 hours of emily in paris honestly https://t.co/7uymBVm0PR

Me after 5 mins of Duolingo https://t.co/9LvCtVQJKx

French people are loving it too.

élu meilleur moment de l’élection présidentielle américaine https://t.co/L0vokX3bDX

Ce rayonnement international quoi 😂 "Omôlette dou fromage RÔN RÔN 🐷🐷🐷 !" https://t.co/dgGVqHGji0


In conclusion:

@ the world im so sorry but also we are so hammered https://t.co/U2IOeGCxLe

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