Ariana Grande And Pete Davidson Just Met Hillary And Bill Clinton At Aretha Franklin's Funeral

The SNL star has a tattoo of Clinton's face on his leg.

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson met Hillary and Bill Clinton at Aretha Franklin's funeral in Detroit on Friday.

Ariana and Hillary clasped hands and talked to each other and stared into each other's eyes.

Here's video of their meeting:

Ariana Grande bonding with Hillary Clinton.

Pete posed for a pic with Hillary, which is a big deal because...

...he has a TATTOO of her. Which they have talked about on Insta.

Hillary Clinton responded to Pete Davidson’s tattoo of her face and I think Pete’s dead now.

Here's how he looked after that meeting.

A lot of people truly cannot believe that Pete Davidson is at Aretha Franklin's funeral.

Aretha in heaven wondering how Pete Davidson got an invitation to her funeral.

Can you imagine being at #ArethaHomegoing...looking over and seeing Pete Davidson?

Like, imagine telling your 2017 self about this.

lmao what a wild ride for pete davidson man

It’s so wild that Pete Davidson is present at Aretha Franklin’s funeral. Only in America.

Some people think Hillary told Ariana she loves her and that she was proud of her after Manchester.

i’m pretty sure this is hillary telling ariana she loves her and was proud of her after manchester . it looks like that’s what she said anyway, my heart

this video warms my heart. she told her that she loves her and that she’s proud of her. imagine one of the people you look up to telling you that.

Other lip-readers had other guesses.

I studied lip reading extensively and Hillary is saying, “‘God is a woman’ is the greatest contemporary work of feminism. Gloria Steinem found rotting!”

I imagine they are having the conversation every fun Aunt has with her niece, "Tell me about the cute boy you're dating....."

Grande is one of the many artists set to perform at Franklin's funeral on Friday.

Following news of the Queen of Soul's death earlier this month, Grande sang "Natural Woman" on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon as a tribute.

You can watch the full performance here:

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