Tell Us How You Are Dealing With The QAnon Believers In Your Life

The mass delusion has swept across the world. We want to know about you.

Men hold phones displaying QAnon slogans

The QAnon mass delusion started out as a niche conspiracy theory before going big — shaping how many people see the pandemic, the Black Lives Matter movement, natural disasters, and the election. It’s even crept into the White House.

But it has also changed how families, coworkers, and friends see one another.

With the mass delusion showing few signs of slowing down, we want to hear how you’re dealing with the QAnon believers in your life.

Has a friend fallen for it? Have you convinced a family member to return to reality? Have you had to cut someone out of your life? Did they cut you out? Did you decide to have difficult conversations because the election is nearing? Or put them off until after Election Day?

Whatever you'd like to tell us, we'd love to hear it. Just tell us in the comment section below or fill out this form, which you can keep anonymous. We may include your story in a future BuzzFeed News post.

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