Here Are The Best Memes About Nevada Being Late To The Biden Election Party

"Nevada finally showing up to brunch after telling us she was on her way an hour ago."

Unless you've been hiding under a rock, you probably know that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have won the 2020 US presidential election. The race was called on Saturday morning after Pennsylvania and its 20 electoral votes delivered Biden a close victory over President Donald Trump.

Pennsylvania was one of the few remaining swing states that could have tipped the election in either candidate's favor — as was Nevada, a state whose slow ballot-counting process had been memed to hell and back over the past four days.

me driving to nevada to start counting these mf votes myself

And then it happened. After days of frustration, Nevada released its election results...right after Pennsylvania had made Biden the next US president.

People had thoughts.

Nevada: Heyyy I’m outside now! USA: You’re late.

Nevada joining the party like-

Nevada votes showing up all late like police & fire at the end of a action movie.

Nevada really said

All the cheering woke Nevada from their nap and they finally pressed send on their counts! #Nevada #bidenharis2020

lets check back in with nevada

@roywoodjr Nevada wondering how the other states counted so fast 😂

i'm sorry nevada you tried your best

A lot of people found it frustratingly relatable — we all have that one friend.

Nevada finally showing up to brunch after telling us she was on her way an hour ago

“So, we good then? I don’t gotta turn in my part of the group project?” - Nevada

Nevada was very “save me a plate.”

As expected, Nevada walked in late with an iced coffee.

Nevada you can quit pretending to look through your purse. We went ahead and paid for it with your broke ass. 🙄

Nevada didn't make it to the club but they at the let out

Ultimately, it was the state of Pennsylvania that secured Biden's victory — and people were GRATEFUL.

nevada STILL pennsylvania counting the coming to save votes us all #PresidentElectJoe

Georgia and Nevada: We will decide this election Pennsylvania:

In conclusion:

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