Nevada, With All Due Respect, People Want You To Please Hurry The Hell Up

People online are threatening to drive to the state to count the critical votes themselves.

me driving to nevada to start counting these mf votes myself

Joe Biden currently has a lead over President Donald Trump in several swing states that are still counting ballots. It's unclear right now who will win — but Nevada, with its six Electoral College votes, could be critical to either candidate's victory.

And people are eager to know the results.

Still, Nevada is counting and reporting its results at its own pace — which it has the right to do, OK? — specifically when it comes to the state's mail-in ballots.

Nevada election officials are working hard to count all the ballots, Deanna Spikula, the Washoe County registrar, told reporters Wednesday evening. Clark County said it would release results Thursday. And Washoe County, which leans Democratic, is counting ballots from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. every day, she said, but it “still [has] a lot of work to do” to process and tally every vote.

“I know everyone’s eager to get the final results tomorrow, but I would really just caution people to wait,” Spikula said. “We’re doing our best. We’re working hard.”

We believe in you, Deanna, even if people are growing impatient!

This is everyone checking the map every 5 minutes to see if the votes in Nevada changed

People online are threatening to drive to the state to count the votes themselves.

me on my way to help nevada count the votes myself cause they’re taking to long

Me and my homies pulling up to Nevada to count the ballots

They're wondering what is going on???

streets saying this the mf counting votes in nevada


Everyone waiting for Nevada numbers: Nevada:

The state might be loving its moment in the spotlight a little too much.

nevada pulling up to finally announce the results after taking two trips around the world and four bubble baths before they decided to count the votes

not nevada being an attention whore of a state rn 😭😭

We understand due process and bureaucracies and being precise, etc., etc., etc.

Nevada forgot to take the meat out the freezer and just heard the election pull up in the driveway.

But consider this a kind, loving, light nudge for you to hurry the hell up.

everyone when nevada finally finishes counting their votes

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