People Across The Country Walked Out To Support Christine Blasey Ford

Demonstrators also had another message: Believe sexual assault survivors.

On Monday, people across the United States staged a walkout to support Christine Blasey Ford and survivors of sexual assault.

Survivors must be heard. Wear black and join the national walkout on Monday, Sept. 24 at 1 pm ET/10 am PT in solidarity with Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. #BelieveSurvivors #TIMESUP

The walkout was arranged in response to the backlash against Ford, who recently accused Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her when they were both in their teens. Ford will testify before Congress about the allegation Thursday.

Since breaking her silence, Ford has been criticized and had her credibility questioned by conservative media outlets, Republican leaders, and even President Trump. She also reportedly has been forced to leave her home due to death threats against her and her family.

Before the official walkout at 1 p.m. ET, protesters gathered on Capitol Hill.

Hundreds of protestors who #BelieveSurvivors have peacefully assembled in protest on Capitol Hill today, risking arrest. It’s up to all of us everywhere to show that this movement has the intensity and the breadth to be unignorable. That’s why I’m walking out right now. Are you?

Some of them shared their own stories of being sexual assault survivors while gathering outside Senate offices.

The entire hallway is in tears. We are at a moment in history where women have to repeat their trauma to the masses to literally beg Senators to vote with moral clarity. #StopKavanaugh #BelieveSurvivors #BeAHero

Protesters and staffers dressed in black also walked out.

Video from earlier: Massive exodus from DC Senate office buildings during national #BelieveSurvivors walkout. #IBelieveChristineFord #IBelieveDeborahRamirez

Many gathered at the Supreme Court.

Hundreds of survivors and allies have gathered on the steps of the Supreme Court to support each other, and to demand a government that #BelieveSurvivors. To make that happen, we have to start with #CancelKavanaugh

Women are watching. Closely. We see the bullying & intimidation. We see the silencing of our voices. We all deserve better than this. And we’ll continue to demand it. #BelieveSurvivors

At the same moment around the country, thousands of people walked out to show their support of Ford and sexual assault survivors.

Members of the @YaleLawSch community gathering to show solidarity for survivors. #BelieveSurvivors #TIMESUP

#BelieveSurvivors With my neighbors, joined the Walkout at 1pm

Images of walkouts around the country have been shared on social media with the hashtag #BelieveSurvivors.

Dupont circle #BelieveSurvivors #ibelieveher

“Sexual assault PTSD (2 attacks) leaves me feeling trapped and confined in an office building.”

I work at home. Sexual assault PTSD (2 attacks) leaves me feeling trapped and confined in an office building. I stepped away from my desk to say #BelieveSurvivors

“NOT all high school boys are rapists.”

We walked out today because NOT all high school boys are rapists like #Kavanaugh and because, unlike the gop senate, we #BelieveSurvivors Thank you Dr Christine Ford for standing up

Many celebrities also walked out and shared their photos.

10:00 am at #WillAndGrace ... #BelieveSurvivors

#believesurvivors #timesup #thetimestheyareachangin

#BELIEVESURVIVORS #TimesUp #MeToo #Repost @lilyinapad ・・・ Treat people with respect. Treat women with respect. Every human should be heard. Here we are in solidarity with all voices being heard. Listen and hear them. #respectwomen #respectyourself #onset #briarpatch

Women must be heard. Today I am wearing black in solidarity with Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. #BelieveSurvivors #TIMESUP #StopKavanaugh

#BelieveWomen #BelieveSurvivors #metoomvmt #timesup

We stand with #ChristineBlaseyFord #BelieveSurvivors ⁦@MimiKennedyLA⁩ ⁦@AnnaKFaris⁩

Today I wear black in solidarity. I stand in support with Christine Blasey Ford and anyone else who so fearlessly comes forward. Their voices must be heard. We must listen and we must believe. #believesurvivors #stopkavanaugh

National Walkout & Moment of Solidarity #BelieveSurvivors #BelieveWomen #StopKavanugh ⚫️

Casts and crew members from many different television shows participated in the walkout.

We walked out of the writers room and off our show because we #BelieveSurvivors.

We had a full minute of silence on set to support Dr. Ford. #BelieveSurvivors #BelieveWomen #TimesUp

Our staff is walking out in solidarity with #MeToomvmt. #BelieveSurvivors

We here at #ARROW & @LoTWritersRoom wear black in honor of women who have spoken up about assault and harassment, and for the voices who have yet to. You are not alone and women must be heard. #BelieveSurvivors @TIMESUPNOW

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