People Are Comparing Sydney Sweeney To Margot Robbie And Reese Witherspoon After She Explained The “Strategic” Reasoning Behind Her Role In “Madame Web”

“Everything in my career I do not just for that story, but strategic business decisions.”

Believe it or not, it sounds like Madame Web was all part of Sydney Sweeney’s masterplan.

Sydney with shoulder-length hair in a draped neckline dress with layered necklaces

As you may know, Madame Web — which takes place in the Spider-Man universe — was not the Spidey success that Sony had been hoping for, debuting with one of the worst box office openings for a superhero movie ever.

The cast of "Madame Web" at the premiere

Since the movie’s release on Valentine’s Day, its stars have publicly addressed the poor performance, with Madame Web herself, Dakota Johnson, telling Bustle that she “unfortunately” wasn’t “surprised” that it failed miserably.

Sydney Sweeney and Dakota Johnson stand in a grand subway terminal in a scene from Madame Webb

And while Sydney previously brushed off the backlash during an interview with the LA Times, she’s now making it clear that she has absolutely no regrets about being a part of Madame Web — even if it wasn’t the blockbuster hit she’d been hoping for.

Sydney posing at an event wearing a floral-detailed outfit

“To me that film was a building block, it’s what allowed me to build a relationship with Sony,” she told GQ in a brand new interview, talking candidly about the career opportunities she gained from saying yes to the film.

Sydney Sweeney in a plunging gown smiling at an event

Away from Madame Web, Sydney’s had a very successful career — not only as an actor, but as a producer, too, launching her own production company, Fifty-Fifty Films, in hopes of uplifting other female creators.

Sydney in an off-the-shoulder dress speaking into a microphone at an event

Last year, Sydney starred in and produced Anyone But You, which made more than $200 million worldwide. And her next movie with Fifty-Fifty, Immaculate, sees her in her first horror role.

Sydney Sweeney in sequined dress posing with her 'ANYONE BUT YOU' costar Glen Powell on the red carpet

Later down the line, Sydney is set to star in a new Barbarella remake for Sony, and while talking to GQ, she emphasized that a lot of this wouldn’t have been possible without the connections she forged while making Madame Web.

closeup of Sydney Sweeney

So, off the back of these quotes, more people are beginning to recognize Sydney for her skills behind the scenes as well as in front of the camera, with many hailing her “smart moves” online.

Closeup of Sydney Sweeney

Notably, people have compared Sydney to the likes of Margot Robbie and Reese Witherspoon, who’ve also used their platforms as actors to become heavyweight producers in Hollywood.

Closeup of Margot Robbie, Nicole Kidman, and Reese Witherspoon

And amid the commentary, plenty of people were quick to point out that Sydney’s skills shouldn’t come as a surprise in light of the fact that she’s previously talked about her decision to study business alongside an acting career.

Sydney Sweeney in an elegant sleeveless dress at an event

Growing up with a mom who’s a lawyer, and a dad who worked in the medical field, Sydney said she was taught to prioritize her education, and she knew a business degree might help her out in the acting world, too.

Closeup of Sydney Sweeney

Watch out Hollywood, it looks like Sydney’s one step ahead. You can read her full GQ interview here.

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