Reese Witherspoon And Jim Toth Have Settled Their Divorce Four Months After Announcing Their Split, And Here Are All The Details

The divorce settlement comes weeks after Reese got candid about trying to be her “most honest, forthright self” amid the “speculation” surrounding their split.

In late March, Reese Witherspoon and Jim Toth shared in a joint statement that they’d made the “difficult decision to divorce” after 11 years of marriage.

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The announcement came just five days before they were due to celebrate their 12th wedding anniversary, and the pair wrote at the time that they’d enjoyed “many wonderful years together” but had decided to end their relationship “with deep love, kindness, and mutual respect” for each other.

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Just over a week later, on April 1, Reese filed for divorce in the Circuit Court of Davidson County, Tennessee, where the couple were based, citing “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for the split.

And now, four months later, their divorce has been settled.

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TMZ reported Wednesday that the exes signed a marital dissolution agreement, as well as a parenting plan for their 10-year-old son, Tennessee James Toth. Reese also shares two children — Ava, 23, and Deacon, 19 — with her first husband, Ryan Phillippe.

According to the Blast, Reese and Jim agreed to joint custody and will not pay child support, with the docs stating that they “agree that neither party should otherwise pay monthly child support to the other parent, as the parties are sharing equal parenting time and dividing all expenses for the minor child equally.”

“Each parent is contributing equally to the payment of all expenses for the minor child, including childcare expenses, private school expenses, extracurricular expenses, and travel expenses,” the filings continue. “Further, each party has significant separate assets and more than sufficient means to independently care for the minor child while in his or her care.”

Interestingly, the documents reportedly include an agreement whereby the exes pledge to “behave with each other” and not to “speak badly of each other or the members of the family of the other parent.”

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On top of this, it says they will “encourage” their child to “continue to love the other parent and be comfortable in both families” while providing “a loving, stable, consistent and nurturing relationship with the child even though they are divorced.”

Given that Reese and Jim are both successful businesspeople, there had been a lot of speculation about how the exes would split their wealth and assets. However, according to the Blast, it seems the terms of their 2011 prenup were upheld.

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The outlet reports that Jim and Reese’s shared assets — including “property, all household furniture, furnishings, appliances, art, and other personal items” — have been divided to the “mutual satisfaction” of both parties.

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In addition, the filings note that each of them will hold on to their respective clothing, jewelry, and “other unique things,” including “vehicles, hotel, airline, and credit card points.”

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So, as far as we can tell, it seems Reese and Jim’s divorce proceedings have been relatively straightforward, which hardly comes as a surprise in the wake of reports that their split was “a long time coming.”

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“There’s no big scandal or drama, just two people who essentially became coparents and don’t really have any romantic feelings for each other anymore,” a source told Page Six soon after their divorce was announced.

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In spite of this, there’s been speculation that the couple’s respective business ventures played a part in the decision to part ways — namely the $900 million sale of Reese’s production company, Hello Sunshine, which saw her crowned the richest woman in Hollywood in 2021.

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One source told Radar Online back in March that things started to go “horribly wrong” when Jim left his position at talent and sports agency CAA to join Quibi — a short-lived streaming service that shuttered only six months after it went live in 2020.

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And then, when Reese sold her production company the following year, the pair found themselves heading in “different directions,” with “more money than either of them could ever figure out what to do with.”

Close-up of Reese and Jim smiling at a media event

Needless to say, neither party has commented on these reports. However, Reese opened up about the split last month, saying that it’s a “vulnerable time” for her.

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During an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, the actor reflected on her first divorce, from Ryan, in 2006 and admitted that it was important to her that she and Jim break the news of their split on their own terms.

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“When I was divorced before, the tabloid media got to tell people how I was feeling or how I was processing, and it felt very out of control,” she said. “To be able to talk to people directly about what’s going on in my life … it feels much more authentic to be able to say things in my own voice and not let somebody else control what’s happening.”

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She added, “Of course, there’s speculation, but I can’t control that. All I can do is be my most honest, forthright self and be vulnerable. It’s a vulnerable time for me.”

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You can read Reese’s full interview here.

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