Patrick Mahomes Hinted Taylor Swift And Travis Kelce’s Relationship Is A “Bigger Deal” To Their Fans Than It Is To Them

“He doesn't try to be this Travis Kelce Saturday Night Live guy, he just wants to be the guy who comes to play football every single day,” Patrick said of his teammate.

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Patrick Mahomes is giving his thoughts on all the fanfare surrounding Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift.

A closeup of Patrick in a hoodie on a football field

In case you’re not familiar with the world of football, Patrick and Travis are teammates on the Kansas City Chiefs. As the quarterback and tight end, Patrick and Travis are widely regarded as one of the best QB and TE duos in NFL history.

Patrick and Travis on the field

And as well as being a perfect match on the field, Travis and Patrick are good friends, too — so it’s come as no surprise that Pat has weighed in on his teammate’s love life.

Closeup of Travis smiling at Patrick
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In the unlikely event you need reminding, Travis’s relationship with Taylor Swift has become one of the biggest pop culture stories of the entire year.

Closeup of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce holding hands

Even the NFL heavily embraced the fanfare in their coverage of the Chiefs' games, namely by using Taylor’s songs in the broadcast and branding her face across its social media channels. This ultimately led to backlash from football fans and Swifties alike, with Travis himself even accusing the league of “overdoing it.”

Closeup of Travis Kelce holding his helmet

But, despite all the headlines, Patrick told ESPN in a new interview that Travis’s private life has “not become a distraction” for the team.

Closeup of Patrick Mahomes speaking at a press conference

After being asked if the excitement surrounding Taylor and Travis’s relationship feels “bigger” than winning two Super Bowls, Patrick replied: “I don't think it feels any different.”

Closeup of Travis Kelce and Patrick Mahomes showing off their championship rings

“People see the whole Taylor Swift and Travis [thing] and they make it a huge deal because it is a huge deal,” he responded, before giving his thoughts on the hype. “I think it becomes a bigger deal to the fan bases than it does to the guys who are actually in the building.”

Closeup of Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift holding hands as they walk through a crowd

Speaking more about his and Travis’s unstoppable bond both on and off the field, Patrick described Travis as his brother.

Travis and Patrick embracing after a game

“His family and my family have almost become one family because of the relationship that we have and how we kind of became just brothers on the football field and off the football field as well,” he said, before praising Travis’s dedication amid his rising notoriety away from the sport.

Closeup of Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce

“He doesn't try to be this Travis Kelce Saturday Night Live guy, he just wants to be the guy who comes to play football every single day,” he added.

Closeup of Travis Kelce hosting "SNL"

Patrick explained that this is perhaps one of the reasons why people — including himself — can’t help but “gravitate toward” Travis.

Closeup of Patrick and Travis celebrating on the field

“We both love winning, and we love competing, and I think that's what makes us have that same weight on the football field because we're going to compete until the very end,” he said.

Patrick and Travis on the field

Since making her debut at Arrowhead Stadium in September, Taylor seems to have bonded with the wives and partners of Travis’s teammates — notably, Patrick’s wife Brittany.

Closeup of Patrick and Brittany Mahomes sitting at a game

From private dinners to celebratory handshakes, Taylor and Brittany have publicly flaunted their newfound friendship over the course of the past few months as they’ve cheered on their respective partners together.

Closeup of Taylor Swift and Brittany Mahomes celebrating

Earlier this month, Brittany cemented her coveted spot in Taylor’s girl gang after she was seen leaving a dinner party with Taylor, Selena Gomez, Gigi Hadid, and Sophie Turner in NYC.

Taylor and friends exiting a building

Days later, the duo made things Instagram official when Brittany shared a photograph of her and Taylor along with Paige Buechele and Lyndsay Bell, who are both married to Chiefs players, too.

Taylor Swift and Brittany Mahomes

For his part, Patrick hasn’t commented directly on Brittany’s budding friendship with Taylor. Although he made it clear in his ESPN interview that he’s certainly a fan of the pop star.

Closeup of Patrick and Brittany Mahomes

“I've been lucky enough to meet Taylor and see how good of a person she is,” he said. “We'll see when we get to the off-season, maybe I'm traveling to Europe to go to a concert or something.”

Closeup of Patrick Mahomes

You can watch Patrick’s ESPN interview here.

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