Here’s What Gisele Bündchen Had To Say About Her And Tom Brady’s “Different” Parenting Styles Since Their Divorce

Gisele also hinted at the continual speculation surrounding their split, saying she “can’t really worry about what other people say.”

Gisele Bündchen is continuing to open up about life since her divorce from Tom Brady.

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After nearly 14 years of marriage, Tom and Gisele announced in October 2022 that they had amicably finalized their divorce.

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In their statements at the time, the former couple vowed to keep their children, Benjamin, 14, and Vivian, 11, at the “center of [their] world” as they embarked on a new phase in their lives.

Tom with his three children (one with Bridget Moynahan), all wearing Patriots #12 uniforms

And now, more than a year on, Gisele is opening up about the difficulties that can arise when co-parenting between two homes.

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For the cover of Harper’s Bazaar’s February issue, the supermodel shared some new insight into life as a single parent and how she intends to raise her kids with the same values she was brought up with in Brazil.

“The way you make your room, the way you organize and make your bed, is the way you’re going to do your life,” she said, recounting the lessons she tries to implement daily. “If you’re not learning here and now, then when and with who?”

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Toward the end of the marriage, Tom, Gisele, Benjamin, and Vivian were based in Florida, where Tom was playing out the final years of his NFL career with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Around the time of their divorce, it was reported that Gisele had purchased a separate property near her ex so that they could easily co-parent after the split.

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And though Gisele has explained that she loves life in Miami, she said in her recent interview that having her kids living between two homes can sometimes cause complications when it comes to her and Tom’s “different” ways of parenting.

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“Sometimes I get pushback, especially because now they’re in two different homes and there are two different ways,” she said, adding that she’s still determined to raise Benjamin and Vivian in the way her mom raised her.

“I feel like I owe it to my kids,” she added, “because of what my mom taught me.”

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For his part, Tom has had nothing but good things to say about co-parenting, previously telling Entertainment Tonight that he feels he and Gisele are doing “an amazing job” so far.

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“I think for me, when you decide to have children, that's a big undertaking, and I don't think you take it lightly,” he said. “And I think these kids that come up under your roof, you want to provide them with values so that when they move forward in their life, they have a real solid base and foundation.”

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“We’re never a finished product. The kids aren't finished products. At the end of the day, we're learning along with them,” he said of Gisele. “And all you can do is the best you can do with the opportunities that you have, and the challenges you have, and we all have unique challenges to our life that we deal with.”

Close-up of Gisele and Tom at a media event

From what we know, Tom and Gisele’s divorce appears to have been very amicable, with Gisele telling Vanity Fair in 2023 that they will always be a “team.”

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However, the breakup did bring with it a certain amount of public speculation relating to the reasons for the split and whom they may have dated since.

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Alluding to this during her Harper’s Bazaar interview, Gisele made it clear that she pays no attention to the scrutiny.

“I can’t really worry about what other people say about me, because what they say about me is none of my business. It’s really their business that they’re trying to project onto me,” she said. “If I’m going to be affected by that, I’m never going to live my truth.”

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She added, “When you’re trying to be this person who tries to please and tries to be accepted and tries to get that from the outside world, you’re never going to be truly who you are.”

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You can read Gisele’s full Harper’s Bazaar interview here.

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