"Love Actually" Star Rodrigo Santoro Says He Thinks His And Laura Linney's Characters Ultimately Get Together

Justice for Sarah and Hot Karl!!!

It's been 16 years since Love Actually hit theaters, charming audiences worldwide with its many stories of, well, love, actually.

But fans of the British rom com know that one of the movie's storylines didn't wrap up in the most satisfying of ways.

The office romance between Sarah (Laura Linney) and Karl (Rodrigo Santoro), aka Hot Karl, fizzles out when her mentally ill brother calls her repeatedly during their steamy encounter in her apartment. Despite Karl being a literal model (THOSE ABS), Linney loves her brother more, so she takes his call and the night ends in a bust. The pair next see each other while working late on Christmas Eve and then....that's it. No more.

Santoro, who has been starring in HBO's Westworld in recent years, appeared Tuesday on BuzzFeed News' morning show AM to DM to promote his new show Reprisal on Hulu (and for which he grew a big bushy beard).

Full interview: Rodrigo Santoro talks about his new series #Reprisal and what to expect from the new season of #Westworld, plus looks back on "Love Actually" https://t.co/LI9fq4AtTa

The Brazilian heartthrob said he can't believe how much time has passed since Love Actually ("It's been a while. I didn't have gray hairs!"), but added that he still finds time to watch the movie. "It is true. They play it every Christmas season!" he said.

"I personally love the movie," he added, praising creator Richard Curtis. "It's so well written, and that's one of the reasons that the movie's still there and it's one of the people's favorites. It's complicated, it's complex, it's sweet, it's just smart, it's fun, and it's just a blessing to have been a part of it."

Asked if he believed his and Linney's characters would end up together in any sequel he responded definitively, "Yes, definitely yes."

"I'm much more mature now. Different times," he added. "Sixteen years later!"

Well, despite what Santoro thinks, things might not have worked out so well for old Sarah and Karl — at least according to the people behind the movie.

Emma Freud, the movie's script editor, revealed in a series of tweets in 2015 that she didn't think they ended up together.

And in 2017, Curtis penned a mini 10-minute sequel for charity called Red Nose Day Actually. Linney reprised her role of Sarah and was seen working late at the office as normal, but in this LACU (Love Actually Cinematic Universe), when her phone rang it was revealed she was talking to... her husband! And he was played, for some reason, by Patrick Dempsey, aka McDreamy from Grey's Anatomy!

But does that count as a proper sequel? Who can say. Still, if they ever do want to get the whole cast and crew back together for a real second movie, Santoro says you can count Hot Karl in.

"That would be great, to get all those actors together 16 years later, [and find out] what happened to them," Santoro said. "There was talk. I don't know if they ever really meant it, but they were talking about a sequel. But I don't know if it will ever come. I would love that!"

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