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Christopher Walken Look-Alike Arrested In Attempted Abduction

Rider University and The College of New Jersey safety officials have warned students of a suspect who was arrested for an alleged attempted abduction of a girl and is now free on bail. If that wasn't scary enough, the suspect, Tony Kadyhrob, also resembles a certain creepy-looking actor. If you're in New Jersey and you see Christopher Walken with a pedo mustache, stay the hell away. More information here and here.

Map Of World's Gravity

Basically, Earth is just a lumpy potato. These fascinating graphics show the areas of the world that have the strongest (shown in yellow) and weakest (shown in blue) pulls. According to BBC News, "It is the shape the oceans would adopt if there were no winds, no currents and no tides." BBC also has a spinnable version for those of you that don't find spinning Google Earth around like a top slightly horrifying. (Source, Via)

Thom Yorke As A Paperboy

Thom Yorke was seen handing out copies of Radiohead-produced newspaper The Universal Sigh outside of Rough Trade Records in London. A sad attempt to bring hope to a dying industry? Or maybe Yorke is really into newspaper printing houses of today -- dark, desperate places filled with black mold, decaying ceiling tiles soaked with rat urine and the smell of impending death from its aging staff. They're like retirement communities from hell.

Illustrated Justin Bieber Is Terrifying

Fame: Justin Bieber is a terribly drawn biographical comic. Outside of a reported scene in which Bieber steps out of the shower, nothing exciting happens. No superpowers acquired by a radioactive spider bite. No mutant genes. Nothing. But check out this artwork. The resemblance is uncanny, no? (Via Comic Alliance)

Eating Sushi Off Of Women

Nyotaimori, also known as body sushi, is the practice of serving sushi on a nude woman. It's been banned in China, though I don't understand why because serving raw meat on a warm surface sounds like a totally healthy, nonbacterial-attracting thing to do. Tough luck, China. These looks like some awesome spreads.

Dogs With Knives

And swords! Don't turn your back on a canine. They'll cut you! They'll jack you up hard! They'll --awwww, who's a good boy? Who's a good --?! Arghh! And I'm dead. That's why you don't bring a knife to a cat fight, I mean gun fight. Er... something like that.