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21 Incredibly Fascinating Things I Learned This Week That Sent Me Down Several Rabbit Holes

Back in the days of the Great Plague of London, farting in a jar was seen as a lifesaving measure. In 1655, doctors believed that the plague was a deadly air vapor that was caught by breathing in the atmosphere. They reasoned that if people smelled something equally potent, then it might lessen their chances of actually getting sick. People began farting in jars and keeping them at the ready to smell to ward off illness.

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Marilyn allegedly told her friends that she had a thing for older men. In the 1940s, Marilyn and actor Shelley Winters were roommates. The duo made a list of men they wanted to sleep with. According to Winters, there was no one under 50 years old on Marilyn's list. "I never got to ask her before she died how much of her list she had achieved, but on her list was Albert Einstein, and after her death, I noticed that there was a silver-framed photograph of him on her white piano."

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Prince Edward, Queen Elizabeth II's youngest son, was a huge fan of the movie Shakespeare in Love, in which Colin Firth portrayed a fictional royal named Lord Wessex. When he got married in 1999, Edward asked his mother if he could take the title of Earl of Wessex because of the movie. She obliged, and now Edward and his wife Sophie are known as the Earl and Countess of Wessex.

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Before hitting it big as an actor, Jon Hamm taught drama and acting classes for a year at his former high school in St. Louis. One of his students was Ellie Kemper, who went on to star in The Office. Kemper said that all of the students in her improv class loved him. The pair went on to work together several times, with Kemper saying that it felt as if Hamm was "grading me on some level."

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George Clooney bought a pet potbellied pig that he named Max. Max was soon spotted on some of Clooney's movie sets, and the actor allegedly refused to give up the pig when given an ultimatum in not one, but two relationships. Max died in 2006 at age 18, with Clooney calling their bond "my longest relationship to date."