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21 Facts That Are So Interesting, They Truly Had My Jaw On The Floor This Week

Things might have been a lot different on the Titanic if the ship's lookouts had access to their binoculars! Frederick Fleet and Reginald Lee, the ship's lookouts, reportedly didn't have binoculars during the voyage, and had to rely only on their eyesight to help guide the ship. The ship's second officer had been replaced just before the Titanic set sail. During the transition, the key to the locker containing the binoculars was misplaced. The key was actually later found and sold for $130,000 at an auction in 2010.

20 Facts I Learned This Week That I Found Just Plain Fascinating

When Nikola Tesla realized he couldn't afford his hotel bill, he decided to offer up one of his inventions as payment, and gave hotel management a sealed box that he claimed contained a "death beam." Tesla made them promise not to open the box because its detonation would be incredibly dangerous. After his death in 1943, scientists took the proper precautions to open the box, and found that Tesla had merely thrown a bunch of spare lab parts in the box to avoid paying his bill.

21 Absolutely Unforgettable Facts I Learned This Week That Genuinely Fascinated Me

In 1976, Meryl Streep auditioned for the lead role in King Kong. After Streep read for the role, producer Dino De Laurentiis reportedly turned to his son, who recommended Streep for the role, and asked, in Italian, "Why did you bring me this ugly thing?" Streep speaks Italian, so she reportedly responded to De Laurentiis in Italian by apologizing that she was not beautiful enough to be in his movie.

20 Facts I Learned This Week That Are So Interesting, They Will Live In My Brain For As Long As I Live

Johnny Carson banned former co-host Joan Rivers from ever appearing on The Tonight Show after she decided to leave NBC for her own Fox show. When Jay Leno took over the show, he decided to uphold the ban out of respect for Carson. In 2014, Jimmy Fallon became the new host of the late night series, and invited Rivers to appear on his first episode, 49 years to the day of her first Tonight Show appearance.

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When Mario Puzo, the author of the Godfather books, began to adapt the novels to film, he had never written a screenplay before. Although he ended up winning two Oscars for his scripts, he decided to purchase a book on screenwriting in order to further perfect his craft. Puzo said he was shocked when he started reading the book. "The first chapter [of] the book said, study Godfather I. It's the model of a screenplay," he said. "So, I was stuck with the book."