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"The Outs": Like "Girls," But You Won't Hate All Of Them

Like they say, living in New York City ain't easy, or whatever. Created by aspiring filmmaker Adam Goldman, "The Outs" details the life of a twenty-something gay man as he and his friends struggle to deal with everything from finding the perfect party cardigan to the nightmare of running into drunk exes at said parties. Shot in six parts, the first two are currently live.

The Absolute Best Of Julia Louis-Dreyfus

If y'all haven't noticed, JLD is a baller. She's been kicking it (usually—and thankfully—not in the "Elaine dance" style) since the '80s on SNL, and aside from Seinfeld, she's had a ton of hysterical roles over the years. Now that she's starting a new show called "Veep" (with Buster from AD, no less), it's probably a good time to look back at her work over the years.

These "Downton Abbey" Paper Dolls Are Just A Masterpiece

EVIL SOAP! I'm sorry, but these are the absolute best paper dolls anyone has ever designed for anything. New York Magazine's Vulture created this series of four completely on-point paper dolls with some of the best characters from PBS's epic series, "Downton Abbey." If you don't already watch it, these printouts will certainly get you back on the couch.