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The 21 Biggest #BlackTwitter Moments Of 2013

This was a huuuuge year for #BlackTwitter. Here are some of the biggest moments, in no particular order.

Posted on December 23, 2013, at 5:54 p.m. ET

1. The Evisceration of Paula Deen

AP Photo / NBC, Peter Kramer

When allegations that Paula Deen used the n-word and wanted to have black men dress as slaves at a wedding, #BlackTwitter let its opinion be known with a series of absolutely hilarious hashtags, the biggest of which was #PaulasBestDishes, started by @jeffuhz with this tweet. The three biggest Paula Deen related hashtags, #PaulasBestDishes, #PaulaDeenTVShows, and #PaulaDeenApologyBingo garnered a whopping 187,000 tweets total.

2. The Schooling of Don Lemon

Via Twitter: @donlemon

Don Lemon became the new face of black respectability politics in 2013, and the internet had plenty to say about his championing the position. The hilarious and popular hashtags #DonLemonShowTitles, #DonLemonLogic, and #DonLemonLooksLike (inspired by the spiffy haircut pictured above) garnered more than 13,000 tweets.

3. The Onion Apologizes

Maury Phillips / Getty Images for Variety

The internet nearly collapsed under its own weight on the night of the Oscars, when the satirical website The Onion referred to then 9-year-old actress Quvenzhané Wallis as a "c*nt" in a tweet during the show. Online outrage was swift and severe enough to move The Onion to apologize, which nearly never happens.

4. Miley Cyrus: Twerkgate 2013

Lucas Jackson / Reuters / Reuters

Miley Cyrus' half dressed, gyrating performance at the MTV Video Music Awards sparked an exhaustive but important and often wildly entertaining conversation about twerking, double standards, and cultural appropriation across Twitter that is still going on today. #BlackTwitter lashed out satirically with hashtags like #ThanksMiley, started when the media credited her with inspiring Beyoncé's pixie cut, and #ABCReports, which lampooned ABC's "scientific" investigation into twerking. Those two hashtags alone spawned over 156,000 tweets this year.

5. Scandal Takes Over Twitter

This one definitely spans beyond the realm of #BlackTwitter, as Scandal has a very diverse fan base, but a huge portion of live-tweeting Scandal fans are black, and this season saw the show's online influence surge. Each episode generates hundreds of thousands of tweets. During the season 3 premier, for example, fans tweeted over 700,000 times, generating over 34 million impressions. That is huge.

6. RIP Racism!

Via Twitter: @GOP

Racism is over! Did you get the memo? Neither did the people of Twitter, who were very surprised to hear of its demise. The above tweet sparked the trending topic #RacismEndedWhen, created by @FeministaJones. The hashtag was tweeted 38,000 times, and included some completely hilarious tweets and pictures.

7. BuzzFeed Goes Black

Via Twitter: @desusnice

When BuzzFeed's hiring of sports writer Joel Anderson got Twitter talking about the increase in black staffers, #BlackBuzzFeed was born. The first tweets were sent by @desusnice and @frazierapproves, and some 50,000 tweets later, the rest is hilarious history.

8. White History Classes / Via

It happens like clockwork. Every February, someone asks why there isn't a white history month. This year, Black Twitter painted a picture of what such a month would look like with the trending topic #WhiteHistoryClasses, coming up with a 28,000 tweet curriculum.

9. Solidarity is for White Women

Via Twitter: @Karnythia

When controversial "feminist" Hugo Schwyzer had a very public meltdown on Twitter, a byproduct was a hugely important conversation on prejudice and privilege within the world of feminism, tagged with #solidarityisforwhitewomen. Started by writer Mikki Kendall, the conversation was sparked by what many black women felt was the dismissing of their issues by white women coming to Schwyzer's defense. 87,000 tweets were sent within the trending topic.

10. #SmartBlackWomenOfTwitter

When Fast Company published its list of the 25 smartest women on Twitter, something jumped out and smacked some readers in the face: "not one black woman." Understandably feeling some type of way, Black Twitter compiled its own list of smart women of color to the tune of nearly 14,000 tweets. Fast Company eventually amended its initial list to add a bit more flavor.

11. All Black People Look Alike to Armani

12. Kanye's "New Slaves" Takes Over Twitter

Hunter Schwartz / BuzzFeed / Via

Kanye West released the video for his single "New Slaves" in the most Kanye way possible — projected onto the sides of 66 buildings worldwide. It was a pretty genius move that definitely got people talking, considering the premier generated an astounding 500,000 tweets. The album Yeezus has seen a pretty big year on Twitter overall, totaling 4.4 million tweets.

13. Jay-Z's Surprise Q&A

Twitter: @S_C_

Those Knowles-Carters sure do like surprising people, huh? Months before his wife surprised the world with a brand new album, Jay-Z surprised Twitter with a random Q&A session in the week following the release of his albumMagna Carta Holy Grail. During the Q&A, in which he responded to about 100 fans, he gained 46,000 new Twitter followers, and two hashtags that he used, #mylaugh and #factsonly, became national trending topics.

14. Terio Kills 'Em

When Instagram announced that it was adding a video feature, many heralded it as the end of Vine. But a savior emerged in the form of Terio, a cuddly, super turned up dancing phenomenon. Since his first videos, he has popped up in pictures with your favorite celebrities. There have been 1.5 million mentions of Terio on Twitter this year. Kill 'em!

15. The Passing of Nelson Mandela

Benoit Tessier / Reuters

When legendary South African president Nelson Mandela passed away at the age of 95, the internet exploded with messages of grief and gratitude. When the news broke, a total of 7.2 million tweets about his passing were sent, peaking at 95,000 tweets per minute. Twitter also had a big moment when pictures surfaced of President Obama taking a selfie at Mandela's memorial service.

16. R. Kelly's Social Media Nightmare

Lucas Jackson / Reuters

Apparently R. Kelly forgot that not everyone has forgotten about his transgressions. When the embattled singer invited everyone to ask him questions on Twitter, there's no way he could have expected what he got: scores of questions about the child pornography charges he faced (and was acquitted of) in 2008. Though there were 35,000 tweets tagged with #AskRKelly, he answered very few of them. Perhaps the harshest burn of all:

So @rkelly only answered 16 questions,the perv really cannot do anything over 18 #AskRkelly

Baba Drake


So @rkelly only answered 16 questions,the perv really cannot do anything over 18 #AskRkelly

/ Via

17. TMZ Tries to Kill Lil Wayne

Ethan Miller / Getty Images

TMZ had all but posted Lil Wayne's time of death back in March, when they made multiple reports that the rapper was on his death bed, being read his last rites, and heading towards the stairway to heaven. Lil Wayne soon tweeted to all his concerned fans that he was fine, but not before the hashtags #PrayForLilWayne, #PrayForWayne, and #PrayForWeezie trended, totaling 101,000 tweets.

18. The World Meets North West

Via Twitter: @KrisJennerShow

Kris Jenner Show


Meet North West. #WatchKris

/ Via

19. The Zimmerman Trial and Juror B37

Pool New / Reuters / Reuters

The murder trial of George Zimmerman, charged with killing unarmed black teen Trayvon Martin, captivated the attention of people worldwide. Many watched in horror as Zimmerman was acquitted of any wrongdoing, tweeting through feelings of frustration, sorrow, and helplessness. Some decided that they weren't completely helpless, however, when a juror made plans to profit from the case via a book deal. Spearheaded by Genie Lauren, Twitter users successfully pressed for the dropping of the juror's book deal.

20. TMZ's Boston Bombing Fail

Twitter: @dopegirlfresh / Via

During the Boston marathon bombings, TMZ reported one of the suspects "may have been heavy into hip hop," as if it mattered to anything. Twitter sharpened its satirical swords and took aim with #TMZReports, started by @dopegirlfresh.


This was definitely the year of Beyoncé. Everything she did blew up, from cutting her hair to lip syncing at the presidential inauguration (and subsequently holding a press conference to sing the song live and encourage everyone to shut up about it) to performing at the Super Bowl (which generated 5.5 million tweets) to releasing an entire album with 14 new songs and 17 new video in complete secret. When Beyoncé dropped her album, there were 1.2 million tweets in the first 12 hours alone (fun fact: the 5 most tweeted about songs so far are "Blue," "Mine," "Drunk In Love", "Flawless," and "Partition"). Scientifically, we can estimate that 2013 has seen approximately 19 grillion Beyoncé tweets, and there's still time for at least a grillion more.

Many thanks to @Shavone of Twitter for compiling this amazing data!

A BuzzFeed News investigation, in partnership with the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, based on thousands of documents the government didn't want you to see.