The 21 Biggest #BlackTwitter Moments Of 2013

This was a huuuuge year for #BlackTwitter. Here are some of the biggest moments, in no particular order.

1. The Evisceration of Paula Deen

2. The Schooling of Don Lemon

3. The Onion Apologizes

4. Miley Cyrus: Twerkgate 2013

5. Scandal Takes Over Twitter

This one definitely spans beyond the realm of #BlackTwitter, as Scandal has a very diverse fan base, but a huge portion of live-tweeting Scandal fans are black, and this season saw the show's online influence surge. Each episode generates hundreds of thousands of tweets. During the season 3 premier, for example, fans tweeted over 700,000 times, generating over 34 million impressions. That is huge.

6. RIP Racism!

7. BuzzFeed Goes Black

8. White History Classes

9. Solidarity is for White Women

10. #SmartBlackWomenOfTwitter

11. All Black People Look Alike to Armani

12. Kanye's "New Slaves" Takes Over Twitter

13. Jay-Z's Surprise Q&A

14. Terio Kills 'Em

When Instagram announced that it was adding a video feature, many heralded it as the end of Vine. But a savior emerged in the form of Terio, a cuddly, super turned up dancing phenomenon. Since his first videos, he has popped up in pictures with your favorite celebrities. There have been 1.5 million mentions of Terio on Twitter this year. Kill 'em!

15. The Passing of Nelson Mandela

16. R. Kelly's Social Media Nightmare

So @rkelly only answered 16 questions,the perv really cannot do anything over 18 #AskRkelly

Baba Drake


So @rkelly only answered 16 questions,the perv really cannot do anything over 18 #AskRkelly

/ Via

17. TMZ Tries to Kill Lil Wayne

18. The World Meets North West

Via Twitter: @KrisJennerShow

Kris Jenner Show


Meet North West. #WatchKris

/ Via

19. The Zimmerman Trial and Juror B37

20. TMZ's Boston Bombing Fail


Many thanks to @Shavone of Twitter for compiling this amazing data!

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