A Teen Influencer Said She Mistakenly Called Her Cover Of Ashanti's Hit "Foolish" Her Own Song On TikTok

Danielle Cohn's mom and manager claimed to BuzzFeed News they had obtained licenses and permission from Ashanti's team to release the cover. However, it's already caused a huge uproar across all of her social media channels.


Make a TikTok to my new song 💕

♬ Foolish - Danielle Cohn

Controversial teen influencer Danielle Cohn says she made a mistake after backlash erupted across her social media channels because people believed she was trying to pass Ashanti's 2002 hit song "Foolish" as her own.

On Saturday, Cohn shared a TikTok asking people to "make a TikTok to [her] song" with audio of her rendition of Ashanti's song.

Cohn's mom and manager, Jen Archambault, told BuzzFeed News her daughter "made a mistake" when she "realized she put 'song' instead of 'cover'" in the caption. Archambault added that they had obtained licenses and permissions from Ashanti's label to cover "Foolish."

BuzzFeed News has reached out to Ashanti and her team.

"She is a teenager. ... She made a mistake on a TikTok," Archambault said about Cohn. "I think this is out of hand."

Unfortunately for Cohn, people were pissed, and the outrage has only grown over the weekend. Despite the fact that she did properly label her release as a "cover" on YouTube and gave original credits to Ashanti on Instagram, her TikTok caption caused a huge uproar.

People are now trolling her, claiming she stole it and butchered it.

"Girl it's a cover not your song," one person wrote. "Queen Ashanti does not deserve this disrespect," someone else added. A viral tweet from user @gwuapbby calling out the gaffe has been liked over 122,000 times.

Not this white Girl stealing Ashanti’s song and trying to claim it as her own.....

"We have a mechanical license and got permission to do the cover and Ashanti and her label make money off of it," Archambault said in response to the legal allegations.

However, Cohn's song cover and music video have also raised issues about appropriation.

"Your not black or Hispanic your white act like it," a top comment on Instagram said. "It’s the white girl tryna be black for black people," a comment underneath her music video on YouTube said.

People on Black Twitter also specifically called out Cohn's hairstyle and her creating the illusion that she has edges.

BuzzFeed News has reached back out to Cohn and Archambault for comment.

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