Here's What One Man Learned When He Used His Gender-Swapped Snapchat Photo On Tinder

Troy Sey said his authentic Tinder profile receives "maybe a few" swipes a week. Within 20 minutes of uploading his womanized Snapchat selfie, he received more than 100 right swipes from men.

Troy Sey of Los Angeles is among a few men who are posting their gender-swap selfies from Snapchat on apps like Tinder to gauge if the user experience and responses are different.

In short, they were — profoundly so.

Sey told BuzzFeed News he initially shared it with friends on social media to be "funny," but he was taken aback by how much attention his gender-swapped selfie received.

On Monday, Sey named his womanized image "Tracy" and took his friends' suggestion to create a Tinder profile for Tracy Sey to see what would happen. Here are the results of his kind-of-catfishing endeavor over the past two days, and all that he's observed.

Despite the fact that the 24-year-old wrote a cheeky line on his Tinder bio calling for potential suitors to pay a "compliment ... for a surprise," he said he was still shocked by the immediate influx of compliments in his inbox.

Sey said he got 100 swipes within 20 minutes of creating Tracy's account. And almost everyone who swiped right on his photo messaged him.

"[It] kinda made me wish I was Tracy instead of Troy," he joked about all the attention he's received.

Besides a few who were "skeptical," Sey said he was even more struck by how many straight men took him and a dating profile at face value and slid into his DMs — no questions asked.

"I honestly thought it was obvious that I was a guy using the gender-swap filter, but to my surprise, I got so many genuine compliments," Sey said. "I’ve learned that if you put a bio up on Tinder like I did, guys will ignore all red flags for some potential 'surprises.'"

According to one user's message, a man named Francois preemptively prepared for the "surprise" to be a reveal that Sey was trans. And then he proceeded to work out, in the message, how he felt about that prospect.

When Sey finally began revealing the truth to his massive inbox of male suitors, the responses were mixed.

A few guys reacted with a bit of shock and amusement. Some laughed and called him an "asshole." Others weren't sure what to make about the fact that they felt Sey had an attractive photo.

One man named Nicholas, however, replied earnestly, and continued to compliment Sey on his good looks.

"Damn u look good tho," they wrote back after learning "Tracy" was the result of the gender-swap Snapchat filter. "Must be a handsome fella."

According to Sey, as quickly as they were hitting on him, a large handful of Tinder users then proceeded to quickly unmatch with him when he divulged the "surprise."

(Sey screenshotted a few conversations with people who he claims "instantly" unmatched with him.)

As of Tuesday, he's still going through hundreds of requests, some of which are still rolling in, he told BuzzFeed News.

Sey explained that in contrast to his experience with Tinder as himself, a straight cis man, he would "get someone to swipe right on [him] maybe a few times a week — at most," he added.

As Tracy, he's finding it a bit overwhelming.

"I’ve swiped right on as many guys as I could, and it’s still over the 100 mark," he said. "I’d still prefer using it as myself, though."

Sey said he's formed genuine friendships and has had "cool conversations" with straight women when he was using his own profile.

"[I've] made a few longtime friends because of Tinder, whereas using it as Tracy, I can tell I won't be getting any of that," he said. "Just a whole bunch of dudes trying to get into my pants."

When Sey joked about his Tracy Tinder profile on Twitter, most of his followers found it fairly amusing.

But soon he began receiving responses from a few users making snide comments about the fact that he also swiped right back on the men swiping on him.

"He swiped right on them too.... let that sink in," one user tweeted.

You swiped right on all these dudes🤔

"I honestly think it’s just guys with fragile masculinity," Sey said, laughing in response to some of the comments. "I’m comfortable enough with my sexuality to know this is all just fun and games."

You niggas are weirdos. Y’all having lots of fun with this.

His gender-swapped selfie and profile have even caused some petty spats with strangers, including one Twitter user who accused him of "using a bitch filter on Tinder for Twitter clout."

But Sey said his Tracy profile stunt simply started as a way to entertain a few friends that took on a life of its own.

Still, Sey said he actually learned something from existing in Tracy's world.

"I always knew it was happening," he said of women's dating app experiences. "But it's pretty eye-opening experiencing firsthand."

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