A New Virtual TikTok House Of Young Influencers Is Trying To Rally Votes For Joe Biden

Unlike other TikTok houses, the "House of US" will be virtual and is dedicated to driving progressive Gen Z voters to the polls.

In a bid to mobilize Gen Z voters, a group of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris supporters in the tech and marketing industries has created a virtual TikTok house comprising popular young creators.

Called "The House of US," members include TikTokers @Thereal_tati (4.4 million followers), @king.science (9 million followers), @nataliaseth, @samvicchiollo (both 1.9 million), @itsjustaba (6.1 million), @vaggianna3 (1.6 million), @maya2960 (205,000), and @alexsey (212,000).

The TikTok house is the work of a new political action committee, or PAC, called the 99 Problems.

"We were looking for TikTokers, who first and foremost aligned with the values we wanted the house to stand for: social justice, protecting the planet, opportunity and equality for all, and ultimately a belief in the collective, the 'we' over the 'me,'" Katie Longmyer, the PAC's co-founder and former chief of staff at WeWork, told BuzzFeed News.

Unlike other popular TikTok houses, this one will be virtual due to COVID-19 concerns. It will also be focused exclusively on creating content supporting the Biden–Harris ticket leading up to the Nov. 3 election.

PAC treasurer Jesse Stollak, the chief marketing officer at Converse, told BuzzFeed News that the House of US will be sharing TikToks that touch on issues like social justice, climate change, equal rights, and gun violence.

"We are looking to create content that makes participation personal, sharing their POV on issues that affect them as individuals, and using that to motivate action in their peers," said Stollak. "We will also look to weave in facts about the Biden/Harris policies on issues we know this generation cares about."

To kick things off, the political TikTok house has featured a video from King Science, a massively popular TikToker known for his animated cartoons.

The video introduces the other members of the house through a parody of the opening credits of American Dad.


We are the House of Us, creators for a better America. Tag who you see.

♬ Dreams (2004 Remaster) - Fleetwood Mac

The group's goal is to boost both voter registration and turnout among young people.

"Measuring success will not be as easy as we’d like as TikTok does not make it easy to attribute links outside the platform," said Marie Rocha, another group member and the cofounder of Realist Ventures. "So we will be looking at the scale and reach we get with the content."

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