Three Men Arrested In Sweden After Facebook Live Video Of Sexual Assault

“The girl was sitting in front of the camera while the guy who filmed her tried to make her deny that she had been raped," one viewer said.

Three men in Sweden have been arrested after a Facebook Live video showed them sexually assaulting a young woman in an apartment on Sunday.

Swedish newspaper Expressen reported that the video was uploaded to a closed Facebook group of tens of thousands of people, and police began receiving calls from several people in the group at 8:24 p.m. local time.

According to Expressen, people could be heard saying “You have been raped” in the live broadcast video. Others commented with “Three against one."

The paper also acquired some screenshots of the video that show police walking into the apartment during the livestream.

One of the women in the Facebook group, Josefine Lundgren, was the first to call the police on Sunday.

“He pulled off her clothes and lay on top of her,” Lundgren told the newspaper.

She also saw one of the suspects pull out a gun on camera, appearing to try to threaten viewers, and say, “Come here, then!”

Another woman, Linda Johansson, told Swedish Television News that she saw one of the suspects try to coerce the victim into saying she had not been attacked.

“My heart broke,” Johansson said. “They put the girl in front of the camera, but the guy who filmed tried to persuade her to deny that she had been raped."

Johansson said the suspect "was putting the words in her mouth," and that he "was very derisive and laughed throughout.”

The livestreamed attack happened the same month that four people in Chicago were charged with hate crimes after they tortured an 18-year-old man on Facebook.

BuzzFeed News has reached out to the Swedish Police Authority and Facebook for more information.

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