Taylor Swift Has Been Accused Of “Acting” During Travis Kelce’s Football Game After Her Reaction To Him Getting Tackled Went Viral

Taylor was seen literally shaking with fear when Travis fell to the ground as the Kansas City Chiefs took on the Los Angeles Chargers.

You have probably heard by now that Taylor Swift is dating Kansas City Chiefs football star Travis Kelce, with the two putting on an incredibly public display over the last month.

Taylor and Travis standing together at a car

If you need reminding, Travis first made his feelings toward Taylor known back in July, when he attended her Eras Tour and expressed his disappointment afterward that he wasn’t able to meet her and pass on his phone number.

Close-up of Travis in his football uniform

Fast-forward to September, and Taylor caused shockwaves when she attended one of Travis’s football games.

Close-up of Taylor in the VIP section at his game

The star was seen looking cozy with the tight end’s mom, dad, and closest friends as she cheered him on from Travis’s VIP suite at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri.

Close-up of Taylor in the VIP lounge

Since then, the pair have done little to hide their romance: Travis has regularly discussed Taylor on his and his brother’s weekly podcast, the two have been spotted on various date nights around New York — and every detail of these dates has subsequently been leaked to various outlets.

Close-up of Taylor and Travis holding hands

Taylor has also attended more of Travis’s football games, the most recent of which was on Sunday when the Kansas City Chiefs took on the Los Angeles Chargers.

Close-up of Taylor and others cheering in the VIP lounge

As usual, the star’s attendance caused a stir, and the TV broadcast cameras regularly cut to her throughout the game.

Close-up of Taylor clapping in the VIP section

Taylor was filmed being generally enthusiastic and supportive throughout the game and even took part in a special handshake with Brittany Mahomes, who is married to Travis’s teammate and close friend Patrick Mahomes.

Close-up of Taylor and Brittany clasping hands

But there is one Taylor reaction shot that has attracted particular attention, with CBS expertly cutting to the star when Travis was tackled to the ground partway through the match.

Close-up of Travis bring tackled

And Taylor’s response did not disappoint, as she appeared to be incredibly concerned by Travis’s fall.

Close-up of Taylor looking concerned

In the video, which has gone viral on both TikTok and X (formerly known as Twitter), Taylor can be seen literally shaking as she jumps out of her seat when Travis is knocked to the ground.

Close-up of Taylor looking shocked

Taylor is wide-eyed and her mouth drops open in shock. She then appears to go to bite her nails before instead covering her mouth with both hands.

Close-up of Taylor with her hands covering her mouth

The clip has divided people on social media. Some have claimed that it is a sign of how much Taylor cares about Travis, with one popular TikTok stating that the singer is “down bad.”

@badtakesbyclyde / TikTok / CBS / Via tiktok.com

“I literally feel like I’m watching a romcom,” a popular comment on the post reads. Someone else wrote, “it's so adorable the way she's not used to all of this yet and him getting tackled.”

Screenshot of the comment
It's so adorable the way she's not used to all of this yet and him getting tackled

Another fan added, “The way she shook when she stood up, like she was about to cry of something was wrong, I love Taylor so much for her sweetness❤️❤️”

Screenshot of the comment

Someone else hit back at the cynics by writing, “PR WHO???? Please. This is loooveeee.”

Screenshot of the comment

But ironically, others have used the same clip to argue that Taylor is being performative, and that her dramatic reaction is just an act. Reposting the clip on X, a user wrote, “someone get her an oscar.”

@magdalenepop / X  / @TheSwiftSociety / CBS / Via Twitter: @magdalenepop

Others referenced Taylor’s past acting roles in movies such as Valentine’s Day and Cats, with one joking, “girl where were these acting skills when you were in movies!!!!”

@imnay9on / @TheSwiftSociety / X / CBS / Via Twitter: @imnay9on

Someone else added, “her acting skills are getting better.”

@madebythe1 / @TheSwiftSociety /  X / CBS / Via Twitter: @madebythe1

Travis is the first professional athlete Taylor has dated during her 17 years in the spotlight, with the vast majority of her exes being either musicians or actors.

Close-up of Taylor onstage

As a result, it’s fair to say that she isn’t used to how brutal sports can be, or watching somebody she cares about get caught up in the roughness of it all.

Close-up of Taylor looking shocked in the VIP lounge

In fact, earlier this month — during her second stint in Travis’s suite — it was claimed that Taylor said to Travis’s mom, “I don’t know how you do it,” as she seemingly struggled with her nerves while watching the game.

Close-up of Taylor talking to Travis's mom in the suite

But with Taylor’s football appearances becoming more and more frequent, we’re sure that she’ll get used to it in no time. Stream NFL games on Peacock.

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