Travis Kelce Explained The Story Behind Reports He Told Taylor Swift’s Security Guard To “Step Aside” On Their Date Night And Opened Up About Being “Protective”

“I feel like whenever I’m on a date, I’m always having the sense of like, ‘I'm a man in this situation.’”

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Off the back of multiple dinner dates, surprise Saturday Night Live cameos, and a whole lot of hand-holding, Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce certainly gave the internet a lot to talk about last week.

Close-up of Taylor and Travis smiling and holding hands

Although there’s one particular detail from their PDA-packed weekend that's been playing heavily on fans’ minds.

Close-up of Travis in his NFL uniform

After the pair made an appearance at the SNL afterparty, an eyewitness told Entertainment Tonight that the Kansas City Chiefs star was so protective of Taylor throughout the night that he took it upon himself to dismiss her security guard.

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“Taylor and Travis looked very comfortable and happy together. They were kissing openly and weren’t shy with their PDA,” the insider said. “At one point, he actually told her security guard that he could step aside, like he'd take it from here.”

Close-up of Taylor and Travis holding hands

Being that Taylor’s fans are already pretty obsessed with Travis, the reports of his gentlemanly gesture went down very well with the Swifties.

Close-up of Taylor at a media event

In one video clip from the night that has been circulating online, Travis can be seen having a subtle exchange with one of Taylor’s security guards as he offers to open the car door for her.

Close-up of Taylor and Travis leaving a car

“The way Travis puts his hand on the security guards back to say that he’s opening the door for Taylor 🥹,” one fan wrote in response to the footage. “the way Travis puts his hand on Taylor’s waist to keep her close whilst he’s closing the car door! […] Tay is finally getting QUEEN treatment.”

Twitter: @SwiftieElles

“he was like ‘i’ll open the door for her’ to the bodyguard 😭,” added someone else, while others described him as a “sweet gentleman.”

Twitter: @swiftweir

Now, on the most recent episode of his podcast, New Heights, Travis and his brother, fellow NFL star Jason Kelce, wasted no time in discussing his brief stint as a security guard.

Close-up of Travis and Jason sitting together

“Did you get any pushback from the actual security guards? About pushing him out of the way?” Jason asked jokingly, prompting Travis to set the record straight.

Close-up of Jason wearing a cap and headphones

“I didn’t push him. I placed my hand on the gentleman’s back to let him know I was behind him,” he clarified, seemingly referring to the video of him opening Taylor’s car door. “If I would have pushed him, he probably would have turned around and tased me.”

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In response, Jason teased that his brother sounded like “somebody who pushed somebody” might sound, before reminding him that the “push” was caught “on camera.”

Close-up of Jason and Travis smiling and standing together at a sports stadium

“[It was more like], ‘Good sir, would you excuse me? I need to get the door. Sorry. Right behind you. Don’t want to startle you. I know it’s your job to keep crazy people away, and if you get randomly pushed in the back while standing in front of a door, that could probably be a little alarming,’” Travis said.

Close-up of Travis at a microphone and wearing headphones

He also added that the security guards had no issue with him lending a helping hand, describing the team as “good people.”

Close-up of Travis and Taylor at a car

With all that cleared up, the brothers continued discussing Travis’s courteous habits when it comes to dating.

Close-up of Travis onstage on SNL

“I feel like whenever I’m on a date, I’m always having the sense of like, ‘I'm a man in this situation.’ I'm protective, yeah, for sure,” Travis said. “You always kind of have that feeling or that self-awareness, I guess.”

Close-up of Travis at a microphone and wearing headphones

And now, as things between him and Taylor appear to have gotten more serious, it sounds as if Travis is leveling up his own security too.

Close-up of Taylor at a media event

This week, TMZ published reports that Travis recently purchased a new home in Kansas City, Missouri, amid concerns for his privacy.

Close-up of Travis

According to the outlet, his previous home was “far too accessible” and was beginning to attract paparazzi and snooping tourists hoping to catch a glimpse of him and Taylor.

Close-up of Travis and Taylor holding hands

Now the NFL tight end has apparently picked out a bigger and “more secluded” pad in the area, which will hopefully offer him a little more privacy.

Close-up of Travis smiling and wearing his NFL uniform

TMZ reports that the $6 million home is in a gated community and boasts more than 16,000 square feet of living space — perfect for a superstar guest.

Close-up of Travis wearing a backward cap and sunglasses

You can find the full episode of New Heights here.

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