Sharon Osbourne Just Called Anna Wintour “A C-Word” While Also Brutally Dragging James Corden And Ellen DeGeneres

People are gagged after Sharon candidly dragged a whole bunch of stars on live TV.

Sharon Osbourne has never exactly been the type of celebrity to keep her opinions to herself — the star is famous for her sharp tongue and no-nonsense attitude.

Sharon Osbourne in a shirt with floral embroidery, smiling at an event

Sharon is reportedly being paid a staggering £100,000 (around $130,000) per day for a five-day stint on the series, with the star entering the house as a “guest” rather than an official housemate.

Close-up of Sharon Osbourne in Celebrity Big Brother

Things came to a head Wednesday night when she candidly dragged Anna Wintour, Ellen DeGeneres, and fellow Brit James Corden in a no-holds-barred conversation with Louis and Gary about name-dropping.

Sharon Osbourne, Louis Walsh, and Gary Goldsmith sitting at a table and chatting

If you need reminding, James first found fame in his home country as an actor and a comic before he moved to Los Angeles in 2013 to host The Late Late Show and became a global star.

James Corden sitting on a chair in a suit and tie, on a talk show set with cityscape backdrop

“Oh, she loves him,” Sharon sniped before shadily asking, “But who loves Anna Wintour? I think she’s a c-word.”

Anna Wintour in a dark jacket, statement necklace, rocking her signature bob hairstyle and sunglasses

“Yeah, she is,” Louis agreed. “And Ellen DeGeneres,” to which Sharon made a gagging noise.

Ellen DeGeneres smiling in a turtleneck and a beaded jacket

Suffice to say, viewers were left gagged by how little Sharon held back in this brief exchange. 

Sharing the clip to X, formerly known as Twitter, a dedicated TV account wrote, “Sharon Osbourne dragging James Corden through the mud, calling Anna Wintour 'the C word' and making the barfing noise at Ellen Degeneres. The hottest minute Late & Live has ever aired."

Another user joked in response, “Sometimes I wish Mrs O would get off the fence and tell us how she really feels.” While somebody else tweeted, “they need more people that are too old and established to care about ever being cancelled or blacklisted its great.”

One more posted a reaction video that said “beautiful piece of television” as they wrote, “Sharon Osbourne calling Anna Wintour a C*nt as she slags off James Cordon.. then gags at the mention of Ellen.”

Notably, all three stars that Sharon name-checked have been publicly accused of being difficult over the years.

Sharon Osbourne dragging James Corden through the mud, calling Anna Wintour 'the C word' and making the barfing noise at Ellen Degeneres. The hottest minute Late & Live has ever aired #CBBUK

— sᴜᴘᴇʀ ᴛᴠ (@superTV247) March 6, 2024
ITV / Via Twitter: @superTV247

Vogue editor Anna is renowned for her aloof and demanding personality, to the extent that Meryl Streep’s feared character in The Devil Wears Prada is believed to have been inspired by her.

Meanwhile, New York restaurateur Keith McNally previously branded James a “tiny cretin of a man” and accused him of being his “most abusive customer” in 25 years in a now-infamous Instagram post. 

And in 2020, Ellen was accused of fostering a toxic work environment on her talk show, which ended in 2022.

But, of course, Sharon herself is far from unproblematic, with the star leaving The Talk in 2021 following an internal investigation amid accusations of racism. 

She also sparked outrage in 2020 when she laughed while proudly telling a story about how she had mistreated her staff during a house fire. 

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