Robert Downey Jr. Just Had His Say On “Barbie,” And People Have Officially Had Enough Of “People Trying To Make An Underdog” Out Of A Billion-Dollar Blockbuster

After Robert claimed that Margot isn’t “getting enough credit” for Barbie, people are wondering what further credit the Oscar-nominated producer and lead star of the billion-dollar blockbuster could possibly get.

When the 2024 Oscar nominations were announced last month, all that people could talk about were Margot Robbie and Greta Gerwig’s so-called snubs for their work on Barbie.

Margot and Greta smiling at a Barbie event

As the discourse erupted on social media, it was eventually pointed out that the outrage was actually the “epitome of white feminism” as people highlighted the fact that the response to Margot's not being nominated this year was overshadowing the success of the women who were — including her costar America Ferrera.

Close-up of America smiling at a media event

And while the conversation had finally simmered down in recent days, Robert Downey Jr. just reignited it — and people are not impressed with what the actor had to say.

Close-up of RDJ in a suit and tie smiling at a media event

Robert said, “Margot Robbie is not getting enough credit, in my opinion. America has this amazing speech — and by the way, she nails it. I’m watching it and go, ‘Wow, that was a really tough one. That’s like a one-act play. The whole movie hinges on it.’”

Close-up of America in the movie

“But it’s the cuts away to Robbie so actively listening that I realize Greta is really on to something here,” he added.

Close-up of Margot in the movie looking at America

Reacting to Robert’s comments on a Reddit forum, one person wrote, “‘America Ferrera was great but…’ is such rude phrasing too. Most of the articles I've read about her nomination were just a way to bring up this Margot snub to the point where more of her quotes were about that than her actual nomination.”

Close-up of America and Margot smiling and embracing at a media event

Others questioned what extra credit Robert expected Margot to receive, with one asking, “I'm so over this Barbie snub discourse. Just curious which one of the actresses nominated would RDJ un-nominate so Margot can get her credit? 🙄🙄”

Close-up of Margot at a media event

Robert’s comments came as Margot broke her silence on the reaction to her and Greta being snubbed, saying during a SAG screening this week, “There’s no way to feel sad when you know you’re this blessed.”

Close-up of Margot as Barbie smiling
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