Paris Hilton’s Therapist Asked Her If She Wants The Nanny To Be Her Baby Son’s “Primary Attachment Figure” After Calling Paris Out For Giving Up “Authority”

The confrontation occurred after Paris shocked fans by revealing that she didn’t change her son’s diaper herself until he was a month old.

Earlier this week, a clip from Paris Hilton’s reality TV series Paris in Love caused a stir on social media after it was revealed that she didn’t change her son Phoenix's diaper herself until he was a month old.

Paris holding her son

In case you missed it, Paris and her husband, Carter Reum, welcomed their first baby together in January of this year, with the little boy being born via surrogate.

Paris and Carter at a media event

Paris’s transition into parenthood has been captured on her show, and a clip from the series recently circulated on TikTok as viewers expressed their shock at the star’s approach to looking after her child.

Paris with her son, his nanny, and Nicky Hilton

In the scene, shot one month after Phoenix was born, Paris admits that she is “scared” to change his diaper for the first time. Her sister, Nicky Hilton, is visibly stunned that Paris hasn’t done it yet, and Phoenix’s nanny steps in to show her what to do.

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At one point, Paris asks which way the diaper is supposed to go, and Nicky is shown warning her sister to be “gentle.” Meanwhile, the nanny reminds Paris to “talk to” her son as she changes him, and Paris appears nervous and unsure throughout the task.

Paris holding a diaper with her nanny next to her

The video quickly racked up millions of views on TikTok, and many users admitted that they felt “sad” for Paris after getting this insight into her life.

Screenshot of Paris with her son, his nanny, and Nicky Hilton

“Wow… I love Paris but that is actually extremely sad. No bonding time,” one person commented at the time. Another claimed, “So much disconnection between mom and baby… so sad 🥺🥺”

And in a subsequent episode of Paris in Love, a therapist confronts Paris over the way she lets her nanny dictate how to bring up her son.

In the clip, Paris seems concerned as she tells her therapist that she thinks Phoenix is too hot, and adds, “The baby’s nanny, she always loves being hot. I always say, ‘Isn’t he hot?’ and she’s like, ‘No.’”

Close-up of Paris sitting on a couch

“OK, so this is where you should trust yourself in terms of what you think is good for the baby,” the therapist replies. “You are the mother, she’s not.”

“I know, but she’s done this millions of times,” Paris nonchalantly counters, only for her therapist to reply, “You’ve given up authority to the baby nanny. I’m sorry, but that’s wrong.”

Close-up of Paris wearing sunglasses and a sparkly outfit at a media event

“It is?” Paris asks, with genuine confusion in her voice.

“Because you’re the expert, not her,” the therapist continues. “It doesn’t matter how many babies she’s raised, that’s your baby. You’re the expert on your child. I think the question is, Do you want the nanny to be the primary attachment figure?”

“Or do you want to be the primary attachment?” she goes on. “I think you should ask yourself that.”

Close-up of Paris smiling

And when Paris admits that she fears she isn’t “responsible” enough to care for Phoenix, her therapist says, “OK, what you’re telling me makes no sense. If you were so irresponsible, you wouldn’t have a multibillion-dollar empire. It makes no sense.”

Close-up of Paris smiling at a media event

“So how much do you want to change this?” she then asks. “Because I can help you work on it, but I don’t want to force you.”

Close-up of Paris wearing sunglasses and a short-sleeved outfit at a media event

The clip was shared to TikTok, where it got a huge response — with many praising the therapist for trying to validate Paris in her new role as a first-time mom.


Replying to @Julia S realizing paris has been led to believe that she isnt capable or responsible enough. Loved this moment with her new therapist! #parishilton #parisinlove

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“I think she needed to hear that . It probably validated her,” one popular comment reads. Someone else added, “This is probably the best therapist I have ever watched on TV in my life.”

Screenshot of the first comment above
Screenshot of the second comment above

Somebody else wrote, “High key respect Paris for showcasing this. I’m sure she’s not the only wealthy woman who has had this before and at least she’s trying to address it.”

Screenshot of the comment

“🥺🥺 I think all mommies NEED to hear that 🥰 ‘you’re the expert on your baby,’” one more added.

Screenshot of the comment

Just last week, Paris announced that she and Carter had welcomed their second baby together, a little girl called London, less than a year after Phoenix’s birth.

Carter kissing Paris's cheek at a media event

The renewed focus that the star’s reality show has put on Paris previously triggered backlash after her past racist and anti-gay comments resurfaced online.

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