People Are Genuinely Concerned About What North West, 10, Is Exposed To After She Posted A Now-Deleted TikTok Praising Her Dad Kanye West’s X-Rated Song

“Honestly it’s wild what she’s been exposed to,” a concerned social media user said of North. “Let the girl be a little innocent.”

In November 2022, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s seriously messy divorce was finalized almost two years after their separation.

Kim Kardashian in a ruffled dress and Kanye West/Ye in a leather jacket, standing together

It isn’t known when their professional relationship turned romantic, but they weren’t pictured together until January 2023 — one month after they’d reportedly tied the knot, and two months after his divorce from Kim.

Ye in a black jacket and pants holding hands with Bianca, who's in a gray sports crop top and leggings, both walking

In the artwork for Vultures 1, a collaboration with Ty Dolla Sign, Ye is dressed all in black, with his face also covered, while Bianca stands next to him with her back to the camera. She is nude apart from black boots and a sheer piece of material over her bare butt.

Ye in all black next to almost-nude Bianca, whose back is to the camera

The prompt at the top of the page asked, “What are 3 things your [sic] grateful for today?” with North’s response reading, “I am grateful for the VULTURES 1 album because it is insanely good. I am also grateful for the black vulture because if vultures weren’t alive this amazing album wouldn’t have come out.”

Handwritten notes in a notebook

Many were particularly concerned by the “Carnival” reference, with Ye’s X-rated lyrics including the chorus, “Head so good, she a honor roll / She ride that dick like a carnival.” The song also contains unsettling references to Bill Cosby, as well as the crimes committed by R. Kelly.

Ye walking outside wearing a black shirt, metallic pants, and white sneakers

Others wondered who had given North the prompt seen in the note as they pointed out the grammatical error, and it was also questioned why Kim had allowed North to share the picture to their joint TikTok account — with some theorizing that she wasn’t aware.

Kim, in graphic tee and shiny pants, holding hands with North in a sports jacket, both standing on a basketball court
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