After Taylor Swift Seemingly Lifted The Lid On Her And Matty Healy’s Controversial Relationship On Her New Album, His Mom Liked A Video Shading Her Songwriting

The messy move comes just weeks after Taylor appeared to drag Matty on her new album, The Tortured Poets Department.

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When Taylor Swift released her latest album, The Tortured Poets Department, last month, listeners were caught off guard by just how much of the 31-track album appeared to be about her former flame Matty Healy.

Taylor Swift in a purple sweatshirt and shorts exits a building with Matty Healy in black attire. Fans surround them

Despite this, Taylor remained defiant over the relationship, and even appears to lash out at her own fans as she reflects on this period in her life in her song “But Daddy I Love Him.”

Taylor Swift on stage with a guitar, wearing a sparkly blue dress with ruffles. She's smiling under a star-like lit backdrop

And while lyrical interpretation is subjective, and none of Taylor’s new songs are officially confirmed to be about him, it is widely believed that Matty is the inspiration behind Taylor’s brutal diss track “The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived,” among many others.

Matty Healy in suit holding a microphone, gesturing with his arm extended, against a smoky background

And his mom, British TV personality Denise Welch, was just as coy when the topic came up on her live daytime show Loose Women, the UK’s version of The Talk.

Closeup of Matty Healy and his mother, Denise Welch
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But fans have now caught Denise liking a shady Instagram video about Taylor’s music, with the star’s telltale like visible on comedian Henry Rowley’s recent upload at the time of writing.

The video is captioned “Every Taylor Swift Song ever,” and it shows Harry mocking the superstar’s songwriting and seemingly poking fun at the tired misconception that all of her music is about her exes.

screengrab of denise welch liking harry's video

He starts by badly singing: “Now I think we never really should have broke up, and now I’m really sad that we did.”

Harry then appears to indirectly reference Matty’s controversies, as well as the confused reaction Taylor recently received for her pointed lyric about racism in her song “I Hate It Here.” He sings: “The only thing I hate more than you is racism.”

“You broke my heart beyond words apart from these ones: pain, suffering, depression,” he continues. “Love, love, love, heartbreak, vengeance, and love.”

“We broke up, now we’re getting back together, hahaha, that was a joke, I’d never get back with him,” Harry sings as the video ends.

Discussing Denise’s social media activity on a Reddit forum, one user pointed out that Denise had also liked a “Team Matty” photo from a bar called The Black Dog in Cork, Ireland — a venue that was seemingly name-checked by Taylor in her song “The Black Dog,” which is also thought to be about Matty.

“she also liked this 💀💀 shes being messyyy,” they wrote. One more asked: “why can’t she worry about her son being waves hand in the general direction of Matty healy like that?” 

“This is peak Boy Mom™️ energy if I’ve ever seen it,” somebody else commented. While another couldn’t help but reference the dignified silence from Joe and his family since his and Taylor’s split last year, joking: “Joe Alwyn's mom would NEVER.”

Taylor started dating NFL star Travis Kelce just over one month after her and Matty's split, and Matty has been linked to model Gabbriette Bechtel since September.

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